Sunday, October 22, 2006

Ben & Ruth Come to Visit!

Ben swings Kyle (then Kyle gets down, and jumps up and down looking up at Ben saying, "AGAIN!" Then Ben swings Kyle. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.)

Our friends Ben & Ruth came from Delaware to visit. They arrived Saturday afternoon and left today. It was a short overnight visit but it was jam-packed with fun and Ben-Ruth-Kyle-Owen-bonding time! We went on a horse-drawn hayride, ate kettle corn, threw rocks in the river, and played outside a lot! Ben is my dear comrade from grad school, and with Ben & Ruth both having tenure now (yay you two!), it was a real inspiration for us to hear lots about how great life is post-tenure. :)

Kyle snuggling on Ben's lap on the hayride

Ben hugging Kyle, Kyle loving every second of it!

Photo Shoot: Ruth, Kyle, Owen, and Ben at Trauger's Farm Market

Owen "up high!", Ruth enjoying (sort of) the head massage

Kyle, Ruth, Owen, Ben: A Beatiful Fall Weekend

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