Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Top 10: Readers' Favorites From the Past Year

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Your Top Ten Favorite Posts from Our First Year in the Blogosphere:

  1. Arranged Marriages

  2. Nativity Angels Steal Baby Jesus

  3. Braydon's Videos

  4. Top 10 Lists: Is There A 'Right' Answer? & Warped Mindset

  5. Open Book Challenge (Answers on posts from August 27-September 3)

  6. Apple Cart

  7. 'Informational' Stuff: Kyle & Owen's Dreadlocks & Things We Did

  8. Dressing Twins

  9. Kyle Shares a Memory & Trauma and Healing in Adoption

  10. ...and everyone loves the Conversations (and the quotes, such as "Hey June... Feel My Muscle")


Glen and Andrea said...

Hi Heather and Braydon,
I've been following your blog for a couple of months now and I'm enjoying your writing and photos very much. I loved looking over the Top Ten Favourite posts, several I hadn't yet read.

I wanted to tell you that my father has a memory from when he was 10 months old. My friend's father also has a few memories from when he was 8 months old when he was separated from his mother and family and sent to live with an aunt when his mother contracted TB and was quarintined. So I sincerely believe the boy's can remember such traumatic events.

I also think they would have sensed that you were their mother and father coming to collect them. I have read several times that young children can know by the look in your eyes that you are their parents and they will never be alone again.

Amy said...

Hi Heather and Braydon, I enjoyed looking back at the top 10. My hubby is a twin. They took the furnace and water heater apart when they were two. One of the things the repair man couldn't even put back together and they had to get a new one. It was an old coal furnace so they looked a lot like your boys even though they were Danish descent. I have a pic that their mom snapped of them and you can see the whites of their eyes and their teeth. They also "painted" their room with the contents of their diapers one time and wiggled their cribs over to the window, somehow got it open, and threw their bedding, curtains, etc. out the window. This was the second story window that looked out on a hill that rolled down to a pond. The neighbor lady called and asked if the twins were down for a nap and that's how their mother knew to check on them. Sneaky little buggers. Just to reassure you, they turned out just fine. One is a civil engineer and one is a computer tech.