Friday, September 28, 2007

Quote of the Day: "Hey, June..."

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This morning we were all sitting at the table eating breakfast. Owen was eating waffles and was explaining to us, in detail, that June was eating waffles too. He went on and on and on about June (par for the course these days) -- how she was sitting in the chair right next to him, she was eating waffles, he was putting the syrup on her waffles for her, she was eating "very well," etc., etc., etc. Kyle's reactions to Owen's long monologues about June are quite funny -- About half the time he seems to just roll with it and take it all in stride; the rest of the time he sort of looks at Owen like he's an absolute lunatic - like, "um, hey brother, let's get real, June is not here, not at all man." This morning Kyle just sat there blurry-eyed, half-dazed, and confused about all of this, basically eating his pancakes, ignoring all this June-talk, and minding his own business. Meanwhile Braydon and I did what we do when it comes to June... nod our heads affirmingly, slowly respond to Owen's chatter with "oh! uh huh! wow! yes! oh! uh huh! wow! yes!", raise our eyebrows and roll our eyes at each other. It just seems endless- this incessant talk about June. Anyway, this morning, Owen's going on and on about how June is sitting there at the table with us eating breakfast, Kyle's deliriously trying to just ignore it and eat his pancakes, and Braydon and I eventually were desperately trying to move on to other topics. I said to Braydon, "So, what's on your agenda today?" He happily took the bait and started to tell me about his day. Meanwhile, Owen clearly realized that we were no longer a captive audience, that we had moved on to other things, and that no one in his family was actually listening to him anymore. Out of the corner of my eye I watched Owen take another bite of waffle, briefly ponder his current situation, then look at "June" (i.e., the seat next to him). Suddenly he wiggled around in his booster seat to sit up straight, poofed his chest outward, shot his right arm up in the air, pulled the sleeve up, leaned toward "June", and said very proudly: "Hey, June, FEEL MY MUSCLE!"


Malia'sMama said...

Soooooo, did he learn THAT trick from Papi? ;)

Me said...

Hi Johnson McCormick family.

Just wanted to say thanks for putting a link on your site for My American Meltingpot. I just discovered your blog and will continue to tune in.

You have a beautiful family.


Story of our Life said...

Please know that when/if you ever go to Disney World you will HAVE to eat at...MGM's ??? (Can't remember the name right now). It is a Character Lunch or Dinner with JoJo's Circus and Little Einstein's. I have the cutest picture of my daughter and June this summer. Heck..I had no clue who they were till we went to Disney World.

trish said...

I'd bet you nearly choked on your pancake when you heard that one! Summer has an imaginary brother and he gets credit for all the presents she gets.

What a wonderful way to start out your morning - you'll be laughing all day.

Cindy from central NC said...

wow...what a phenomenally perfectly boy-like thing to do? Isn't that interesting? Can you even fathom a little girl doing that?
That's hilarious,Heather. I distinctly still remember my imaginary play-friend...I had her for quite a long time...her name was "Girl". My father once turned the station wagon full of all us kids and drove 100 miles back to a town because he had left "Girl" standing on the sidewalk!! I heard about that for years and years....!!