Sunday, November 22, 2009

Top Ten: Readers' Favorite Posts from Our 3rd Year of Blogging

  1. Starvation and Deep Destitute Poverty (and Haiti Week)
  2. Meera’s Necklaces (and new shoes)
  3. A Woman’s Work: Dear Meera, Guide to Mothers with Careers, Mommy Back to Work, and Notes on the Balancing Act
  4. On Trips, Travels, and Needing Breaks -- Mexico; Chesapeake Bay; Singer Island, Florida; Adoption Day in NYC; Annual Haiti Reunion; NH Summer 2009; Christmas in NH; K & O's First Trip Alone -- to MorMor & MorFar's House; Easter at Bement Camp; Skydiving in the Poconos
  5. Food Week: Especially The Stuff of Life & Kyle and Owen's School Lunches
  6. On Raising Black Boys: Especially Cute Little Black Boys Do Grow Up To Be Black Men; White Christmas for Black Boys
  7. K & O's Quotes and Conversations: Especially Gender, Overheard Today, and Choice Quotes
  8. On Adoption: Especially Thinking About Adoption, What If?, and In Union There is Power
  9. Barack-O's Election and Inauguration: BARACK-O Elected!; Baracko's Inauguration; Celebration Inauguration
  10. Boys Look Up to Men (and Real Men Clean, Mow, Swim, and Make (perfect!) Coffee)

(to see all of the Honorable Mentions, read the 'comments' on this post)
And tomorrow... we will embark on our 4th year of blogging!
Thanks for reading y'all!


Eden said...

I missed the vote! :( i'm sorry, i've been trying to decide.. at least my faves made the top 10 cut :)

Jen said...

I'm sorry I didn't vote--I never seem to be able to think of my favorite posts off the top of my head, but once you post the faves, I always love being able to read back through all these great posts from the last year. It was especially moving to re-read the posts from election 2008. What an amazing election--I will never forget it!! :)