Friday, July 27, 2007

Taking a Little Blogging Break

Hi Johnson-McCormick Family Blog readers!!! Since starting this blog I've posted pretty consistently on a daily basis. I love doing it. And goodness knows that K & O provide plenty of material to blog about (I am not a blogger who is ever at a loss for material, that's for sure!) But I have decided that I'm going to take the next five days off from blogging. No need to worry when you don't see any posts, I'm just taking a little blog break so that I can focus as much of my energy as possible on some other things. I plan to be back in the saddle again Wed or Thurs of next week.

Photos of the Day

Photos taken this morning. Kyle and Owen's baby dolls are not new to this blog. For other appearances of Donald (Kyle's baby) and Douglas James (Owen's baby) click here, and here.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

That Was Then

Kyle & Owen, July 2006
The photo above and the two below were taken one year ago. I know it is so cliche, and everyone says it, but really--- I cannot get over how time flies. The truth is: I can barely stand it. I love every single stage and phase (so far at least), and I miss every single one too. I see these pictures and I recognize these bambinos as my own two boys -- but the difference between then and now is just stunning to me. Last summer they couldn't get enough of these strollers (photo below)... they'd push them around 24 x 7. The fun seemed to be simply in pushing them. Now just to push the strollers is not enough. This morning they had these same two strollers turned upside down on the floor, they had all their toy tools out, and were pretending to "fix the strollers!" with their "DRILLS!!!" After much, much busy action, when the strollers were finally "fixed!" K & O went upstairs together to get their babies. They got side-tracked though, and I found them in Owen's room, "feeding the babies milk from bottles!" They were both sitting on the floor, each with a baby doll in his lap, pressing the toy bottles to the babies mouths. They said, "Look Mommy! We are feeding these babies. They were sooooo hungry. They were crying. Because they were hungry. They were not acting up. They were just crying because they were hungry. Because babies cry if they are hungry. They have no teeth. They need bottles!!!" As usual, they announced to me that "We are the MOMMIES!" (side note: this continues to fascinate me... for all the gender egalitarianism that we try to model and instill, they both still insist that they are the "mommy" not the "papi" when they play with their dolls?????). Anyway, I said, "Oh! Yes! And Papi and I used to feed you two just like that! With bottles! When you were little babies!" Owen said, "But we are not babies now! No!!! Because we grew big! We are growing and growing and growing! Now I am bigger!" And Kyle said, "We are grown up now! We will be a big man soon! Pretty soon we will be sixty just like MorFar! And we will be driving our own car! And we will be going to the restaurant -- just me and Owen. Me and Owen both. Just us. And we will leave you Mama, but we will come back." I had all I could do to not just fall on the floor in a weeping heap right then and there.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It Rained. All. Day. Long.

Yesterday was a planned day-off for Alex. My goal was to spend the day at home with the boys trying to unwind/de-compress/come-down-from-the-natural-high-of-the-"Haiti Reunion"... I had envisioned the three of us lazing in the sun, splashing in the pool, quietly chatting about our experience at the reunion, and catching up on sleep. It didn't work out that way. And that is an understatement. Who was I kidding????----- "lazing"?!--- "quietly chatting"?!-- "sleep"?!-- This is Kyle and Owen we're talking about! "Teeming" - "screaming" - and "wide-eyed-awake" is more like it. Plus. It Rained. ALL. DAY. LONG. The highlight of the day, by far, was that the three of us made blueberry oatmeal muffins together. The boys are waaaay into cooking right now. And they are getting easier and easier to cope with in the kitchen. The muffin making was good. The rest of the day... was... um... let's just say: it wasn't as good as the muffin making. I think I broke up more fights yesterday than in any other day ever (click here for just one of many examples). The combination of being all wound up from the awesome weekend plus being cooped up inside from the rain (plus, let's face it, the real culprit: I did not have a rainy-day Plan B in place)... well, let's just say, it wasn't one of our better days. Here are some photos from the good part of the day! (and below them a funny overheard car conversation...)

So, Braydon had mercy on me and decided we should go out to dinner last night. On the way to the restaurant this is the conversation we overheard in the backseat (sometimes it is so hard to not laugh our tushes off at the things we overhear --- but we try not to laugh when, as was in this case, the conversation between K & O is completely deadpan 100% serious)-- Try to imagine that their tone here is totally earnest, sober, contemplative; like they are talking about something very, very, very serious.
Kyle: Hey Owen. What you want to talk about with me Owen?
Owen: What Kyle?
K: What you want to talk about, you and me, Owen?
O: Oh! Um.
K: What Owen?
O: Kyle, you will have french fries at the restaurant?
K: Yes! French fries! And ketchup! You will have quesadillas at the restaurant Owen?
O: Yes! And queso dip!
K: Oh!
O: Kyle, you want no queso dip? You don't like it? It is too stinky for you?
K: Yes, too stinky for me. Owen, I am so tired from a K. I am so tired from a K Owen.
O: Oh.
K: I am so tired from a K. K-Y-L-E. I am soooo tired from a K. I want to have a O now Owen. Just like you. I want a O. Not a K. Just a O.
O: You are so tired from the K?
K: Yes. I so tired from the K.
O: Oh. You want to have a O? Just like me? Us both? Both have Os?
K: Yes. I want to have a O. Kyle and Owen both.
O: O.k. Kyle! But. You have to be careful with the O. You have to be careful!!! It is so dangerous!!!!
K: O.k., I be careful. I so tired from the K. I will have a O.
O: And you have to be so careful with the O!
K: O.k.!
O: You will have no K. We will both have O. Two O's. O-O. Just like a zoo! Z-O-O!
K: YES!!! Just like a zoo!!! O-O! Match to match O's!!!
O: Yay us!
K: Yay us!

Monday, July 23, 2007

PA Haitian Adoptive Families Reunion

Look at the look on my Owen's face
in the midst of this fun/chaotic/healthy/happy
gang of Haitian-American kids!
Could he be any happier???

This past weekend was one of our best family experiences ever. We have had many amazing family experiences in the past 2.5 years, and this one was right up there. We spent the weekend together with 14 other families at the 4th Annual Pennsylvania Haitian Adoptive Families Reunion. Before going I thought, "Wow, only 14 other families in PA??? What a sad statement?!!!" And it is a sad statement -- only about 150 Haitian kids are currently adopted into the U.S. each year... and that is not for lack of kids to be adopted... that is for lack of U.S. families adopting them. Anyway-- I don't want to get up on my soapbox about that so I'll stop there. So, I must say: although collectively we were only 14 families from the entire state of Pennsylvania... 14 families can go a looong way. 14 families with super exuberant, happy, healthy, well-adjusted, thriving Haitian Adoptees can go a looooooong, looooooooooong. loooooooooooooooong way. And when you're Kyle and Owen... and the kids from those 14 families are all super energetic/active/running-non-stop/happy/lovely kids... and those 14 families are all smack in the middle of an outdoorsy woodsy camp -- complete with pond and playground -- well, suffice it to say, K & O were in their glory.

The point of this Reunion is for us in Pennsylvania to get our families together for a weekend; to share in a way that, realistically, when you're a Haitian Adoptive Family, you can really only share with other families just like your own. It is a unique kind of family. It is special in certain ways. It is challenging in certain ways. It is miraculous in every way. It was really special to be able to talk openly with other parents who have gone through and/or are going through similar experiences as us. And it was really special to watch our boys PLAY. ALL. WEEKEND. LONG. with all these wonderful kids who have life histories so similar to their own. Kids who were born in Haiti. Kids who survived in Haitian orphanages. Kids who were adopted. Kids who know resiliency. Kids who know transcendence. I could write forever about the past weekend, but instead I'll just let the photos do the talking. It was hard to choose just 14 photos because we have so many beautiful ones. I will leave it to you to take from these photos what you will. There is a lot to see in them. I will only say this: each of these kids have an intense look in their eyes, an intense history, an intense engagement with their world, an intense zest for life. All of these things are familiar to me because I recognize it in my Kyle and Owen too. Spending the weekend together with these families really was spectacular, invigorating, affirming, and rejuvenating... especially for K & O. For all of you reading who were there----- thank you. We cannot wait for next year.

for more, click here, and here.

(click to see any photo larger)

PA Haitian Adoptive Families Reunion - More Photos

PA Haitian Adoptive Families Reunion - K & O's Favorites

The whole weekend was one huge highlight for Kyle and Owen, but when we try to break it all down with them (try to help them process it all -- it was a lot for a three year old to take in!), it is clear from our conversations that there were three major highlights that really stood out. From Kyle and Owen's perspectives the top three highlights of the 4th Annual Haitian Adoptive Families Reunion were: Tenting, Tabitha, and Together

The reunion was at a campground - we tented as a family for the very first time! It was awesome. We all four absolutely loved it. I wasn't so sure how it would go, but I never should have even questioned it -- the boys are game for anything, anytime, any place. And as always, they did not disappoint. The boys were totally into it. They loved sleeping in the tent. Absolutely loved it. Both woke up (at 9am!!!) with huge cozy cuddly smiles on their faces. Today they spent a lot of time talking about "the tent!" and "sleeping in the tent!" and how "it was soooo dark in the tent!" and "it was sooooo fun in the tent!" This was our first tenting experience, but definitely not our last.

Or, as the boys say it, "Ta-vik-a." Oh my goodness. The boys (Owen especially) adored her. Tabitha was one of many kids at the reunion. But for K & O, she stood out in the crowd. And I can see why. What a gorgeous, sweetheart, fun-loving, super-sporty-super-wonderful girl?!!! The boys couldn't get enough of her and stuck to her like glue. As soon as they'd lose sight of her for a minute they'd start persistently asking, "Where is my friend Ta-vik-a???" until they'd find her again and off-and-running they'd all go. Luckily, Ta-vik-a has more than enough energy to keep up with the two of them. She's an extroverted energy force in her own right. And she definitely kept them laughing and on their toes. As our little family was going to bed Saturday night, lying in the tent, here were Owen's last words before he fell asleep: "Mommy, I love my new friend Tavika. I love her. She is so beautiful. She is so nice. She is black like me. She is so gentle. She is so soft. I love her mommy, I love her." As he drifted off to sleep all I could think of was, "God help me (and all the Tabithas of the world) when this boy is sixteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Last night, at home, when I was getting Kyle ready for bed he said to me, "Mama, I miss Tavika. Tavika is at her own house in her own bed crying because she misses me mama. I need to see her. I miss her." All day long today the boys talked on and on about "TAVIKA!!!" At one point they even were pretending to be talking with Tavika on the telephone. I have assured them repeatedly that I did, indeed, get Tabitha's parents' phone number and we have plans to try to get together sometime soon.

When you ask the boys what their favorite part of the "Haiti Reunion" was they say "together! the slide all together!" I know what they are talking about because I happened to see this happening and ran over to take some photos of it. A ton of kids were all riding down the playground slide together one right after another over and over and over. They'd purposefully make a huge big pile-up at the bottom... all laughing hysterically and dramatically the whole time. It was priceless. I'm glad I caught some photos of it because it really truly was K & O's top highlight of the entire weekend. And from the photos you can see why...

Recently overheard

I am working from home today. It's raining here and a little chilly. That of course, means everyone is inside. That of course means it's gets a bit hairy - - fast. Oh - and Alex has the day off. That means that Heather is giving up another day of work. Thank goodness she planned to take it a little easy this summer.

So, Heather has been valiantly attempting to keep the boys noise level in check during my conference calls. She has made muffins with them and had them playing upstairs. Then they went to the basement to play. Things got a bit rough and much crying ensued (on the part of the boys). Then I hear the following exclamation in addition to the scampering of little feet:

"Both of you go to your room nooooow! There is absolutely NO hitting your brother with your drill!!!!"

Now that is not something you hear everyday....

Friday, July 20, 2007

Fleury-Steiner Baby Twins Are Born!

Congratulations to our dear friends Ben & Ruth (click here) whose brand new baby girl twins were born today! Robin Catherine, 6 lbs 8 oz & Anna Dorothy, 7 lbs 3 oz!!! Anyone who knows anything about twins knows that is two big healthy full term babies and one totally incredible mama! We're so excited to have some of our very closest friends also be a twin family now!!!!

Top Ten: Is There A "Right" Answer?????

Braydon and I are overly educated. We both have doctorates. We read a lot. We understand the intrigue of thinking deep thoughts and pondering life's curiosities. However, we're regularly stumped by the questions our two three year old's pose. Is there a "right" answer????????????? Are there cliff notes on any of this??????

Top Ten K & O Questions From the Past Few Days:

  1. What is 'God'?
  2. Mommy, you have a beard under your armpits?

  3. Why is Curious George so curious?

  4. In the toilet, when I flush it, where do my poopies go?

  5. Why are spectacled bears afraid of pumas?

  6. Mommy, what are you afraid of?

  7. Do girl bugs have a vagina?

  8. But mommy, why aren't your breasts so big and huge like that other lady's breasts?

  9. When can I get a real real trombone - a real instrument trombone - so I can make trombone music - WHEN?

  10. When I'm grown up can I have a penis and a vagina both??

P.S. Since writing this post I've received the funniest emails this morning from people asking me what I actually have said in response to these questions!! Just for the heck-of-it, here ya go:

  1. What is 'God'? What went through my head: "Oh my God, I have no idea!!!" What came outta my mouth: "Go ask Papi!"
  2. Mommy, you have a beard under your armpits? What went through my head: "Oh my God, I really need to shave. When did I last shave???" What came outta my mouth: "Yes, sweetie, it is kinda like a beard!"
  3. Why is Curious George so curious? What went through my head: "Oh my God, I HATE these freeeekin' Curious George books soooooooooo much." What came outta my mouth: "I don't know why sweetie. Why do you think he's so curious!??"
  4. In the toilet, when I flush it, where do my poopies go? What went through my head: "Oh my God, why do we alllllllllllllllwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyys have to talk about poopies around here?" What came outta my mouth: "Go ask Papi!"
  5. Why are spectacled bears afraid of pumas? What went through my head: "Oh my God, I HATE these freeeekin' Diego videos soooooooooo much." What came outta my mouth: "I don't know why sweetie. Why do you think they're afraid of pumas!??"
  6. Mommy, what are you afraid of? What went through my head: "Oh my God, where do I even begin?? Ummmm.... I'm afraid of you dying; I'm afraid of your brother dying; I'm afraid that you'll both hate me when you're teenagers; I'm afraid you'll get a terrible terminal illness; I'm afraid you'll never be able to catch a cab in a city; I'm afraid I love you too much; I'm afraid of dark alleys and scary men; I'm afraid our house is going to burn to the ground and we're going to lose everything; I'm afraid that you and your brother will drown in the swimming pool because I'm so exhausted that I can barely keep my eyes open right now..............." What came outta my mouth: "Who wants a snack?!!!"
  7. Do girl bugs have a vagina? What went through my head: "Oh my God, I have no idea." What came outta my mouth: "Go ask Papi."
  8. But mommy, why aren't your breasts so big and huge like that other lady's breasts? What went through my head: "Oh my God." What came outta my mouth: "Who wants a snack?!!!"
  9. When can I get a real real trombone - a real instrument trombone - so I can make trombone music - WHEN? What went through my head: "Oh my God, how much does a real trombone cost??? How heavy are they? Could he even hold one??" What came outta my mouth: "Maybe for your birthday sweetie?!!"
  10. When I'm grown up can I have a penis and a vagina both?? What went through my head: "Oh my God, I suppose that if they can do surgery to change the genitalia then they could technically do surgery to give someone both, right? Well, at least by the time he's 21 they'll probably have that technology in place, right???" What came outta my mouth: "When you're 18 sweetie, then you can make that decision for yourself. And I'll always love you no matter what because I am your Mama. Now, who wants a snack?!"

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Home With Mama II

This past week Alex was away on vacation so I was home with the boys. One great thing about this summer is that when all is said and done we will have had four full weeks of no non-parental-childcare. One week in May when we all went to Virgin Gorda (click here), a week at home in June (click here), this past week of July at home, and another week that we have coming up in August. It is really challenging to maintain my career while also devoting this much time to my bambinos. And the stress and anxiety and pressure sometimes take a toll on me (we had a couple low points this past week -- just read between the lines of this blog and you can see the cracks in the pavement). But I have worked my a** off in order to be at a point in my career where I can even consider doing it this way.... and I'm maximizing on that as much as I can this summer. This post is a sort of random series of snippets from the past week.

As you've probably noticed from the photos on the blog, we're rarely dressing the boys in matching outfits anymore. I had always told myself that when they turned three I was going to try very hard to avoid the cutesy-twinsy-matching-outfit-temptation. I've been more or less successful. But from time to time the boys still insist on wearing the same things. On the day of the photo above they had both wanted to wear overalls. Luckily we still do have a few things that are "match to match!!" (as the boys say), so we do have a few cutesy-twinsy-matching-outfits for when the need arises. On an entirely other note --> cute story: I have taught/trained the boys the following ~~ If I say, "Where are you going to go to college?" They say, "Howard University!" So, we were sitting at the table having lunch. I said, "Owen, where are you going to go to college?" Owen said, "Howard University!" I said, "Kyle, where are you going to go to college?" He said, "Howard University! With my brother!" Suddenly Owen threw up his hands saying "Wait a minute! Wait a minute guys!!! I have a good idea! Mommy say 'where are you going to go to college?'" I said, "O.k. Owen, where are you going to go to college?" He said: "Howard University! With my brother and my mommy!"

The second half of the week was totally thrown off by Owen's sudden intense sickness on Sunday-Monday. We know our life is really in a frenetic-crazy-spiral when we find ourselves having sandwiches (in this case turkey on bagels) and *cosmopolitans* for dinner at 9:30 p.m.

The Day of the Penguins (click) turned into Days of the Penguins. The boys just can't get enough of these silly little pool penguins.

Day of all days!!! Wednesday afternoon Q (click) and his girlfriend Ashley came to our house to visit Kyle and Owen. The boys are in love. With Quadir Carter. They love him more than they love the penguins. After he left I found that he had left this little note for K & O (it says "Hi Kyle & Owen - Lehigh Football - Quadir Carter"). How sweet is this??? Quotes regarding Q ~~ Kyle, at the dinner table: "When I am grown big just like Q I will jump with Q into the swimming pool. I will jump with Q into the big deeper and we will make a big huge splash. And Q will say 'Yay Kyle!' O.k. Mama???" Owen, at bedtime: "Mommy, I love Q. I am so sad that Q left me. I want Q to come see me again. I love him."

Yup! That's my boy! Playing dominoes. He doesn't have "Johnson-McCormick" for a last name for nothin'! Some of you dear readers who have had the privilege of being subjected to dominoes games at our house or my parents' house or my grandparents' house know what a huge deal this is. Yup! We broke out a "new game!!!" (Auntie Sabrina had given this dominoes game to the boys a long time ago and I had kept it hidden away until they were old enough for it). The boys caught on fast and Kyle announced, "I like this new game!" We've been playing dominoes every day since. Yup! That's my boy! Playing dominoes. Preschooler dominoes. But still. Dominoes. All is right with the world.

Last night, on the eve of Alex's return from vacation Kyle and Owen made these for her. It amazes me how much time and care go into something like this when you're three. The boys spent at least a half hour working diligently on these --- finding all of the right letters, sticking the little foam pieces on just so, coloring with markers, etc. They were very excited to give these to Alex this morning. Kyle and Owen are learning (and Braydon and I are continuing to learn) the complexity of bitter-sweet emotions. It is "sad" that mommy will be back to work, and it is "happy" that Alex is coming back. "Happy and sad." All at the same time.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ah Shucks!

My first blog award! Thank you Leslie! Can you see me blushing through the blogosphere?!!!

Notes from the Executive Chef

Executive Chef: The executive chef is in charge of everything related to the kitchen, including menu creation, staff management and business aspects. The position requires extensive cooking experience and often involves actively cooking. They can also be referred to as the "chef" or even "head chef." Although "head chef" may seem redundant, the word "chef" has come to be applied to any cook, kitchen helper or a fast food operator, making the distinction necessary.

* * *
I am the Executive Chef around here. Executive Chef And Then Some. Once, back in the day, when we threw dinner parties on a weekly basis and had a constant streaming social life, we had a landlord in Boston who accused us of (and I quote) "running a hotel and a restaurant" out of our apartment. We weren't -- at least not officially. But our landlord was definitely onto something. These days I don't so much feel like I'm running a hotel. But I feel like I'm running a restaurant now more than ever---- a one star, short order, fast and furious, catering to the toddler set kind of restaurant. This is not gourmet. This is nothing fancy. It is "family friendly" in the worst sense of the term. In my past life (i.e., Pre K & O) in preparation for cooking for others, I'd spend hours scouring my Silver Palate and Jacques Pipen cookbooks for fantastic menu and recipe ideas. Now, I rarely open a cookbook. But if I do crack one open it is Rachel Ray for a "30 Minute Meal." I used to watch her Food Network show and think things like, "Gosh, why even bother cooking if you're going to cook like that??!" Now if I catch a glimpse of her I think, "Gosh, can't we make it a 20 Minute Meal?! Who has time for THIRTY minutes????????!"
Ok, seriously... is it normal for 3 year olds to eat this much? I sometimes feel like my primary job in life is simply keeping them fed. I know I've blogged about it before (I should probably just make it a whole blog post category called "FOOD"), but for the sake of our family history I feel the need to record this in detail. It is a primary aspect of K & O's childhoods. Plus, someday when the boys are older and mouthing off to me I want to be able to show them who's been keeping their big mouths fed all this time...
I swear every other day I'm saying to Braydon, "God help me! If they eat this much now, what on earth are they going to be eating when they're sixteen?!" He just laughs like a proud father of a man. Yeah, he laughs. Just like all the other men who witness Kyle and Owen eating. That's because he/they are not in charge of food around here. Women who witness it have a different reaction. They look at me with raised eyebrows, kinda like an unspoken female-to-female "I feel your pain sister." To give Braydon his due credit-- he's in charge of laundry (which they create a lot of too, for sure), and cleaning (which they definitely keep him busy with), but me... my household job is FOOD. All things food. And it is a big job. I have a little family with a big appetite.
In an attempt to chronicle just how much my darling sons eat I decided to photograph a day of meals yesterday. I am not including snacks here -- just actual meals. And you can't tell from the photos how much or how often the two of them asked for second helpings of any given thing (or third helpings or fourths, fifths, etc.). Obviously this does not document my food production situation in detail. But it does at least give you an idea of what it is like around here.
Breakfast: Cereal (Kix and Cheerios mixed together -- for whatever reason they've both always preferred multiple cereals mixed together in one bowl ~ My job is not to question, only to serve, so I just keep my nose to the grindstone and try do my job as best I can); bananas; OJ. We are currently going through 2 gallons of whole milk per week and 2 gallons of OJ per week and 2 big bunches of bananas per week. (Note: Braydon and I only drink skim milk, we rarely drink any OJ, and between the two of us we probably eat 2-3 bananas per week max).

Lunch: Whole grain bagel; strawberry cream cheese; deli turkey meat; cut up fresh tomatoes; grapes; apple juice to drink. When they eat turkey from the deli they'll easily polish off 1/4 pound of it. They also can't get enough fruit. At this particular lunch, for example, Kyle went through 4 helpings of grapes (Sweetly: "More grapes please Mama?!" Fake Cheerily: "O.k. Kyle!") and 2 helpings of tomatoes.

Dinner: Rice pilaf; blackened tilapia; steamed green beans; "salad and dip" ("salad and dip" for K & O = salad minus the lettuce -- i.e., all the cut up veggies -- with some salad dressing on the side to dip the veggies in. The only exception to this is caesar salad at Carrabbas or the fuji apple chicken salad at Panara Bread... they'll eat both of those lettuce and all.). To drink: water and "wine" (i.e., a Dora the Explorer cup with some watered down wine in it). When I was preparing this meal I was getting out that classic ol' box of Near East Rice Pilaf and I actually thought to myself, "I should probably make two boxes of this." And then I thought to myself, "No! That is ridiculous-- they're only 3 years old! I'm not making two boxes!!!" So I only made one box. Big mistake. Braydon and I only had small spoonfuls. The boys devoured the rest of it and would have had more if there was more to be had. Toward the end of dinner I said to Braydon, "God help me! If they eat this much now, what on earth are they going to be eating when they're sixteen?!" He just laughed. Of course. I said, "No, seriously Braydon. I thought about making two boxes of rice pilaf but then didn't. I should have! If I have to make two boxes of rice pilaf when they're three, how many boxes will I need to make when they're sixteen?" He said: "Three boxes. One for us. One for Kyle. And one for Owen." Anyhoo... When we were in Virgin Gorda we discovered that Owen loves fresh blackened fish. He now requests that we get "fish" when we go to the grocery store. Go figure. Kyle now eats it too. And they love green beans. As you can see in the picture below, Kyle loves green beans so much he eats them double-fisted shoving them in one by one as fast as he can swallow. Oh, and after dinner they each had strawberry ice cream and whipped cream for dessert. Then each requested milk... and each guzzled down a large sippie cup full before heading off to bed... Thank heavens that at least they do sleep ~~~ that gives me a chance to rest... after all, it is only a matter of hours before breakfast begins another day of steady work for the Executive Chef.