Monday, July 23, 2007

Recently overheard

I am working from home today. It's raining here and a little chilly. That of course, means everyone is inside. That of course means it's gets a bit hairy - - fast. Oh - and Alex has the day off. That means that Heather is giving up another day of work. Thank goodness she planned to take it a little easy this summer.

So, Heather has been valiantly attempting to keep the boys noise level in check during my conference calls. She has made muffins with them and had them playing upstairs. Then they went to the basement to play. Things got a bit rough and much crying ensued (on the part of the boys). Then I hear the following exclamation in addition to the scampering of little feet:

"Both of you go to your room nooooow! There is absolutely NO hitting your brother with your drill!!!!"

Now that is not something you hear everyday....

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