Monday, July 23, 2007

PA Haitian Adoptive Families Reunion - K & O's Favorites

The whole weekend was one huge highlight for Kyle and Owen, but when we try to break it all down with them (try to help them process it all -- it was a lot for a three year old to take in!), it is clear from our conversations that there were three major highlights that really stood out. From Kyle and Owen's perspectives the top three highlights of the 4th Annual Haitian Adoptive Families Reunion were: Tenting, Tabitha, and Together

The reunion was at a campground - we tented as a family for the very first time! It was awesome. We all four absolutely loved it. I wasn't so sure how it would go, but I never should have even questioned it -- the boys are game for anything, anytime, any place. And as always, they did not disappoint. The boys were totally into it. They loved sleeping in the tent. Absolutely loved it. Both woke up (at 9am!!!) with huge cozy cuddly smiles on their faces. Today they spent a lot of time talking about "the tent!" and "sleeping in the tent!" and how "it was soooo dark in the tent!" and "it was sooooo fun in the tent!" This was our first tenting experience, but definitely not our last.

Or, as the boys say it, "Ta-vik-a." Oh my goodness. The boys (Owen especially) adored her. Tabitha was one of many kids at the reunion. But for K & O, she stood out in the crowd. And I can see why. What a gorgeous, sweetheart, fun-loving, super-sporty-super-wonderful girl?!!! The boys couldn't get enough of her and stuck to her like glue. As soon as they'd lose sight of her for a minute they'd start persistently asking, "Where is my friend Ta-vik-a???" until they'd find her again and off-and-running they'd all go. Luckily, Ta-vik-a has more than enough energy to keep up with the two of them. She's an extroverted energy force in her own right. And she definitely kept them laughing and on their toes. As our little family was going to bed Saturday night, lying in the tent, here were Owen's last words before he fell asleep: "Mommy, I love my new friend Tavika. I love her. She is so beautiful. She is so nice. She is black like me. She is so gentle. She is so soft. I love her mommy, I love her." As he drifted off to sleep all I could think of was, "God help me (and all the Tabithas of the world) when this boy is sixteen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Last night, at home, when I was getting Kyle ready for bed he said to me, "Mama, I miss Tavika. Tavika is at her own house in her own bed crying because she misses me mama. I need to see her. I miss her." All day long today the boys talked on and on about "TAVIKA!!!" At one point they even were pretending to be talking with Tavika on the telephone. I have assured them repeatedly that I did, indeed, get Tabitha's parents' phone number and we have plans to try to get together sometime soon.

When you ask the boys what their favorite part of the "Haiti Reunion" was they say "together! the slide all together!" I know what they are talking about because I happened to see this happening and ran over to take some photos of it. A ton of kids were all riding down the playground slide together one right after another over and over and over. They'd purposefully make a huge big pile-up at the bottom... all laughing hysterically and dramatically the whole time. It was priceless. I'm glad I caught some photos of it because it really truly was K & O's top highlight of the entire weekend. And from the photos you can see why...

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