Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It Rained. All. Day. Long.

Yesterday was a planned day-off for Alex. My goal was to spend the day at home with the boys trying to unwind/de-compress/come-down-from-the-natural-high-of-the-"Haiti Reunion"... I had envisioned the three of us lazing in the sun, splashing in the pool, quietly chatting about our experience at the reunion, and catching up on sleep. It didn't work out that way. And that is an understatement. Who was I kidding????----- "lazing"?!--- "quietly chatting"?!-- "sleep"?!-- This is Kyle and Owen we're talking about! "Teeming" - "screaming" - and "wide-eyed-awake" is more like it. Plus. It Rained. ALL. DAY. LONG. The highlight of the day, by far, was that the three of us made blueberry oatmeal muffins together. The boys are waaaay into cooking right now. And they are getting easier and easier to cope with in the kitchen. The muffin making was good. The rest of the day... was... um... let's just say: it wasn't as good as the muffin making. I think I broke up more fights yesterday than in any other day ever (click here for just one of many examples). The combination of being all wound up from the awesome weekend plus being cooped up inside from the rain (plus, let's face it, the real culprit: I did not have a rainy-day Plan B in place)... well, let's just say, it wasn't one of our better days. Here are some photos from the good part of the day! (and below them a funny overheard car conversation...)

So, Braydon had mercy on me and decided we should go out to dinner last night. On the way to the restaurant this is the conversation we overheard in the backseat (sometimes it is so hard to not laugh our tushes off at the things we overhear --- but we try not to laugh when, as was in this case, the conversation between K & O is completely deadpan 100% serious)-- Try to imagine that their tone here is totally earnest, sober, contemplative; like they are talking about something very, very, very serious.
Kyle: Hey Owen. What you want to talk about with me Owen?
Owen: What Kyle?
K: What you want to talk about, you and me, Owen?
O: Oh! Um.
K: What Owen?
O: Kyle, you will have french fries at the restaurant?
K: Yes! French fries! And ketchup! You will have quesadillas at the restaurant Owen?
O: Yes! And queso dip!
K: Oh!
O: Kyle, you want no queso dip? You don't like it? It is too stinky for you?
K: Yes, too stinky for me. Owen, I am so tired from a K. I am so tired from a K Owen.
O: Oh.
K: I am so tired from a K. K-Y-L-E. I am soooo tired from a K. I want to have a O now Owen. Just like you. I want a O. Not a K. Just a O.
O: You are so tired from the K?
K: Yes. I so tired from the K.
O: Oh. You want to have a O? Just like me? Us both? Both have Os?
K: Yes. I want to have a O. Kyle and Owen both.
O: O.k. Kyle! But. You have to be careful with the O. You have to be careful!!! It is so dangerous!!!!
K: O.k., I be careful. I so tired from the K. I will have a O.
O: And you have to be so careful with the O!
K: O.k.!
O: You will have no K. We will both have O. Two O's. O-O. Just like a zoo! Z-O-O!
K: YES!!! Just like a zoo!!! O-O! Match to match O's!!!
O: Yay us!
K: Yay us!


Ani said...

well, they kind of got it right - having twin 3-year old BOYS must be sorta like living in a zoo... sometimes :)

yay kyle and owen!

Anonymous said...

I love when you post their conversations. I LOVE it! :)

Miss you guys!

kerri said...

I loved the O conversation, how could you keep a straight face and not howl out loud??
I too had to put on the referee outfit and don the time out whistle, fighting was at an all time high yeaterday. Had to trim down nails, disarm the warriors from their weapons, yikes!!

Malia'sMama said...

Sooo adorable! And, I did not know your boys are from Haiti! Haiti is like a second home as I have voluteered in Mother Teresa's Hospitals and Clinics in PAP for the last 10 years!
Eske ou pale KreyĆ²l?? ;)
Ethio-journey: http://www.onetruemedia.com/shared?p=32b45f4a567aac1acf0204&skin_id=701&utm_source=otm&utm_medium=text_url

shemari said...

That was absolutely hilarious! Never in my life have I heard such conversations from kids that young. You've got two very smart little guys.

happy mom said...

your boys are so smart, I love these conversations you share. They are so cute!

cloudscome said...

That is priceless. Don't you wish you had that on tape? You do a great job transcribing it for us though. They are too funny.

Brittany said...

That conversation was trippy!