Thursday, July 26, 2007

That Was Then

Kyle & Owen, July 2006
The photo above and the two below were taken one year ago. I know it is so cliche, and everyone says it, but really--- I cannot get over how time flies. The truth is: I can barely stand it. I love every single stage and phase (so far at least), and I miss every single one too. I see these pictures and I recognize these bambinos as my own two boys -- but the difference between then and now is just stunning to me. Last summer they couldn't get enough of these strollers (photo below)... they'd push them around 24 x 7. The fun seemed to be simply in pushing them. Now just to push the strollers is not enough. This morning they had these same two strollers turned upside down on the floor, they had all their toy tools out, and were pretending to "fix the strollers!" with their "DRILLS!!!" After much, much busy action, when the strollers were finally "fixed!" K & O went upstairs together to get their babies. They got side-tracked though, and I found them in Owen's room, "feeding the babies milk from bottles!" They were both sitting on the floor, each with a baby doll in his lap, pressing the toy bottles to the babies mouths. They said, "Look Mommy! We are feeding these babies. They were sooooo hungry. They were crying. Because they were hungry. They were not acting up. They were just crying because they were hungry. Because babies cry if they are hungry. They have no teeth. They need bottles!!!" As usual, they announced to me that "We are the MOMMIES!" (side note: this continues to fascinate me... for all the gender egalitarianism that we try to model and instill, they both still insist that they are the "mommy" not the "papi" when they play with their dolls?????). Anyway, I said, "Oh! Yes! And Papi and I used to feed you two just like that! With bottles! When you were little babies!" Owen said, "But we are not babies now! No!!! Because we grew big! We are growing and growing and growing! Now I am bigger!" And Kyle said, "We are grown up now! We will be a big man soon! Pretty soon we will be sixty just like MorFar! And we will be driving our own car! And we will be going to the restaurant -- just me and Owen. Me and Owen both. Just us. And we will leave you Mama, but we will come back." I had all I could do to not just fall on the floor in a weeping heap right then and there.


LaLa said...

Love the shirts : ) I know what you mean. I look at our daughter now and think...oh no..she is sooo big. I know I will look back this time next year and think she was sooo little.

Your boys are so stinkin cute!!!

Malia'sMama said...

I just love, love, LOOOOVE that they have their own toy strollers and have "babies" for them! Way to raise some great kids!! And, have I mentioned they are so darn cute, they're edible?? :)

happy mom said...

I love how they talk about the two of them, that is wonderful that twins have such a great bond.

Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
Great blog from Thurs. The last sentence got me going! I'm almost on the floor weeping! This will be one of the many things they say to you, or do that will put you there! K & O are right...they will leave you, Mama, but they will come back!!

Emmie (Better Make It A Double) said...

Oh, so sweet. I love the conversations too - sometime it's a real privilege to be a mother of twins. At other times, well, it's a little hard to see until you miss whatever stage is driving you nuts. My boys love their strollers too, and they're right in between the two stages you describe. Thanks for your very detailed description of your sleep experiences with your boys. Your comment made my husband see the light and agree to separate them, and we're hoping to get that done in the next few weeks.

kerri said...

Your boys are so adorable.
I too can't believe how my girls are growing, I watch them playing in the yard and it will hit me. I see longer legs, greater mobility , strength and more vivid imaginations. My babies are not babies anymore, it makes me a little sad, but I do look forward to the many exciting milestones they have yet to experience.

cloudscome said...

I have been thinking the same thing lately. I can't believe how much mine have changed and grown in the past year. It is truly a miracle to watch. The things they say just break your heart.

Mayhem said...

"...but we will come back."

Awww.... said...

Ditto. I say the same thing all the time. We waited so long for our babies to join our family and they literally are growing up before our eyes. Toooo fast! Beautiful post.