Wednesday, March 11, 2009

K & O's School Lunches

Some mamas out there do some pretty incredible stuff for their kids' lunches. Check out this, this, this, this, this, or this as just a few of many examples out there in the blogosphere. These amazing (maybe slightly crazy?!-- I say that affectionately) mamas get really into their kids' lunch-making. I get it. I actually totally, totally get it. [tidbit sidenote -- Confession: I am absolutely convinced, knowing myself as I do, and knowing my own disturbing tendency to lean slightly (well, o.k., maybe heavily) toward the Type-A-over-zealous-personality-type side of the spectrum, that if I weren't totally strapped for time, I'd probably be the proud owner of one of these crazy-lunch-making-blogs too]. As it stands, I simply don't have the time/energy/desire to go completely over-the-top in the lunch-making realm... (and I am working on that Type-A-over-zealous-personality thing) so, instead, I just drop in on these sorts of blogs from time to time out of pure curiosity and utter amazement (and to remind myself --for better or for worse-- of what I could have been). As for K & O's school lunches... well, I have a love-hate relationship with the whole ball of wax. It is such a chore to unpack and repack their lunches every night (any lunch-packing person out there understands). On the other hand, I really like being in control of what they're eating and I get some sort of genuine pleasure out of providing their food for them -- nourishing them body and soul with it. So my feelings about their school lunch-making fluctuate back-and-forth. I have nothing but positive feelings, however, about the laptop lunch system. These bento box style containers (see below) make prepping their lunches interesting for me (without going overboard with tons of bells-and-whistles). And I like knowing that we're using all re-usable stuff instead of adding tons of plastic baggies and saran wrap to the landfills. Usually the boys have "yogurt lunch" (as mentioned in prior post) once a week, and "thermos lunch" (hot soup, stew, pasta, or leftovers of some kind) once a week. But at least 3 days a week they have "regular lunch" (the bento boxes). Here is a sampling of the kinds of "regular lunch" school lunches that I'm packing up for my boys these days.

clockwise from upper left~~ apple slices; their current favorite cookies (Country Choice Organic Iced Oatmeal); "squeezy yogurt" (as they call it -- their current favorite: Horizon Organic Yogurt 'Tuberz'); baby carrots; "special rolls" (whole wheat wrap rolled up with hummus and shredded cheese)

green peppers, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots with honey mustard dip; strawberries and blueberries; Annie's Honey Bunny Grahams; ham & cheese on whole wheat
fresh pears (they love pears, especially when I peel them!); puffed corn; grapes; turkey & cheese on whole wheat bun

Annie's Peace Pasta (mentioned in post from yesterday... strangely they'll eat this at room temperature -- I say "strangely" because normally they insist on stuff like this going in a hot thermos); mandarin oranges; baby banana; cheese stick; red peppers & blanched green beans with ranch dip

Granny Smith apples and red pears; Fruit U Bu fruit roll up (a special treat!); "squeezy yogurt"; baby carrots & cherry tomatoes; sesame nut butter & jelly on wheat (their school is completely a nut-free zone, so we need to use sesame nut butter, which I personally think is some pretty nasty stuff... interestingly, however, the boys don't mind it at all, and Owen has actually decided he prefers it to peanut butter [??!!!!go figure?!])
"Crackers & Cheese Lunch" (a fav!): watermelon; baby carrots; "syrian bar" (K & O twinspeak for 'cereal bar' -- they are absolutely obsessed with / addicted to cereal bars -- their current favorite is the brand seen here-- Health Valley Organic Apple Cobbler); assorted crackers; assorted cheeses: Parmesan (or, in K & O twinspeak, "CRUNCH" -- a big old chunk of expensive Parmesan -- this is their absolute favorite favorite favorite cheese and the more expensive the better), mozzarella cheese stick, Colby-Jack cubes, and a nice little brick of extra sharp cheddar (the sharper the better -- this is their next favorite cheese after parmesan)
grapes; "zucchini bread sandwich" (two pieces of zuch bread with cream cheese in between); a tomato; hummus & cheddar on wheat

This is a rare lunch day --- when I have the gumption to actually pack two totally different lunches according to their own separate tastes and preferences.... Here goes~~ KYLE'S LUNCH (ON LEFT): couscous with carrots, raisins, and chick peas; red peppers; hummus & crackers; grapes. OWEN'S LUNCH (ON RIGHT): steamed baby carrots & steamed broccoli with honey mustard dip; turkey and honey mustard on wheat (notice the honey mustard theme!); cheese stick; grapes.


Nadia said...

have you ever tried pea's supposed to be more similar to peanut butter but made with peas!

Jess said...

Would you please pack my lunches? I can provide self-addressed stamped envelopes.

Ani said...

i would have loved lunchboxes like these when i was in school! come think of it, i would love it now too :)

is there anything they will NOT eat?

Christina said...

Oh my gosh, is it crazy to be inspired by lunchboxes? But I am! I really wish I was able to do this for myself...I know I could, but I'm usually so frazzled and unorganized (something you can't be with two active youngsters and a baby!)

But I'm inspired by your example! I'll just have to start trying harder...

Kristen said...

Where did you find those great lunchboxes!?!

Holli said...

I would like you to make my lunch! PLEASE!

Chatter said...

Oh my goodness, these all look delicious. This is inspiring! Good job mom & dad!

Heather said...

Wow! Here's a question for you -- when do you plan and shop for your meals? Do you have a set routine? The planning is always a major challenge for us . . .


Laurie said...

Hey Heather...we have the Bento boxes also and love them! I must say you are a bit more creative than I am in what gets packed. Do you have the insulated cases for them? Instead of the plastic water bottles that came with the boxes I put a Horizon Organic milk box on the side. They fit perfectly!