Tuesday, March 10, 2009

YoBaby! YoBaby! YoBaby! Yo!

K, O, and M each have their individual favorite foods. But if I had to say one favorite food for all three J-M bambinos combined it would definitely be YoBaby yogurt. Hands down. All of them love it. I mean, LOVE IT. The runner-up food would be pasta-- specifically (if we're narrowing the field to favorites for the whole threesome), Annie's Peace Pasta. [little tidbit sidenote: we've just started this pasta with Meera recently and she loves it -- it is the perfect first pasta for baby because of the shape of it; almost like Cheerios's... would be very hard for baby to choke on it, which makes it a great starter pasta for babies!!!] Anyway, back to YoBaby!... I buy 3-4 six-packs of YoBaby yogurt each week. That's a lot of yogurt. The threesome love every YoBaby flavor, including the "Fruit & Cereal" flavors. For Meera, YoBaby is a meal (breakfast, or sometimes lunch); for the boys YoBaby is a snack. But it is not uncommon for one (or both) of them to eat 3-4 over the course of one day. And... they have a YoBaby for "dessert" after dinner almost every single night these days. Once in a while I pack them "yogurt lunch" for school -- but this involves a full-size yogurt (with 'fixings' to stir in: granola of some sort, cut up fresh fruit, and sometimes dried fruit). Kyle has recently begun requesting Brown Cow Cream Top yogurts for "yogurt lunch," and he and Owen both love that stuff. But nothing, nothing, compares to YoBaby!


ShannonC said...

I too am a brown cow fan!

veganf said...

You should totally enter this photo shoot in the Whole Foods baby photos contest!