Monday, March 09, 2009

Kyle & Owen Cook

Chocolate Chip Coconut Bars, just out of the oven

K & O love to cook and bake. They are good little 'cookers' and 'chefers' (as they call themselves)! As long as they are behaving, I actually really enjoy cooking with them. The clean-up is always extraordinary after they've been in the kitchen, and I've got to keep a very tight reign on them, but it is worth it (at least, most of the time). However, my preference, always, is to cook with them individually. Now that is really enjoyable. Owen is actually a very good helper in the kitchen (when --and really only when-- he's by himself, and Kyle is not around). He has an incredible attention span for doing menial tasks that I hate to do (like, de-seeding pomegranates or peeling shrimp). And he (Owen) really, really likes to cook... especially if it is something that allows him to be very hands-on (literally, hands in-on-in-in-in whatever it is, mixing things with his hands, squishing things, etc., etc., etc.; i.e., MESSY). Kyle does not have the same attention span in the kitchen, but he has a few traits that his brother definitely does not have... mainly attention to detail, desire to follow a recipe precisely, an incredible memory for flavors and smells, and a very strong tendency toward neatness and cleanliness. These traits make Kyle a wonderful helper in the kitchen in his own way. He's always bending down to clean up the floor with a kitchen towel, or reminding me to add the honey, or fretting over the tiniest bit of egg shell that slipped into the batter (and Kyle is always the one running to get the aprons and reminding everyone to wash their hands). One of my crazy dreams for my boys is that someday they'll own a restaurant together and Owen will be the Head Chef/Kitchen Manager and Kyle will be the Wine Sommelier/Floor Manager (this is, of course, after they've graduated from Howard and Harvard and spent at least a year living and training in the cafes and bistros of France... I dream big people, I dream big!)... so, from the time they were about 12 months old I have been joking about this dream of mine (how I'll eat in their restaurant regularly, how I'll financially invest in their restaurant venture, etc., etc., etc.)... and yes, we laugh and laugh about it... but, of course, I would be thrilled if this little dream of mine came to fruition. (wink, wink!) And if it ever does, and they're being interviewed for Food & Wine Magazine someday, well, it is my hope that they'll say, "it all started in our mother's kitchen..."

Owen peels fresh poached tomatoes, preparing them for Tomato Soup
Owen puts the finishing touch (fresh cracked pepper) on one of our family's favorite pasta dishes --Penne, Turkey Sausage, and Broccoli Rabe
K & O make "Special Frech Toast" (i.e., made with whole grain cinamon swirl bread) in their pajamas
Owen dredges fish
Kyle peels carrots
Owen & Kyle sautee fresh baby spinach (in garlic and olive oil)
Owen peels shrimp
Owen shreds zuchini for Zuchini Bread
Kyle & Owen make Yogurt Smoothies early on a Saturday morning
Owen stirs up one of the boys' favorites: Whole Wheat Rigatoni with Pesto


Jen said...

hey Heather, great pics!
about the picture of Owen & Kyle sauteing (I have no idea how to spell that) baby spinach in garlic and olive oil--do you have a recipe that goes with the spinach, or do you just eat the spinach itself as a side dish? Thanks---I'm always looking for new things I can make w/spinach!

Christina said...

If you feel like sharing that penne/turkey sausage/broccoli rabe recipe, I'd be much obliged!

Do you have any secrets for instiling healthy eating habits in young ones? It looks like the boys love all kinds of foods.

Trish said...

Oh my gosh Heather! We have had this same dream for Summer and Aubrey for years! Now they tell us we will have our own special table set aside each night at their restaurant AND we don't have to pay! I believe passion for (good) food really does start this young.
Looking forward to more of this week's posts. Cheers!

Mark and Sarah said...

From what I have read about you rguys and food, it seems you have great taste. Would you be willing to share your Top 10 favorite dinners (and accompanying your spare time!!).

Heather said...

OH TRISH!!!!!!! Oh wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is PERFECT! They can do it as a foursome!!! The dreams are even bigger now (both dreams that is: the arranged marriage *and* the restaurant venture). And you, Alex, Braydon and I can have a table for four! :)
I love you so much. Again, again: why can't we live in the same neighborhood???????????
p.s. is it possible that *we* (like, you and me) are maybe twins that were separated at birth????

Heather said...


Awesome post, awesome boys, awesome family!!

riversnake said...

I second Mark and Sarah's post! Every time I see a food related posts on your blog I cross my fingers hoping for an accompanying recipe! In particular your pesto recipe :)

Also, I would say that you are well on your way to having your dream come true because I don't know many 4 year olds that are such good help in the kitchen. Looking at the pictures, they cook better than I do and I'm 28!

Heather said...


I'm going to also put in a request that food week include some wonderful recipes!

Thanks for sharing -- I always love to read what you're cooking up!


Emmers said...

mmm all that food has left me hungry. I love how the boys are interesting in making all kinds of food, not just the kinds that leave the yummy bowls to be licked!