Thursday, November 12, 2009

3rd Blogiversary of the J-M Blog!

We've been keeping this blog for three years now! Crazy. But true.
So, as has become tradition...
please dear readers, dig way back into the archives of this past year and tell us...

What was your favorite post from this old blog this past year?
Anything from Oct 2008 - Nov 2009 is fair game.
We'll take what you say and then, about a week from now, we'll post the Top 10 List from our Third Year of Blogging. (I've even turned anonymous commenting back on so that everyone can "vote").

Our 1st Blogiversary, 2007 - click here and here.
Our 2nd Blogiversary, 2008 - click here and here.


Juli said...

Oddly, my favorite post was when you went on your blogging strike for the kids in Haiti. So I guess I'm voting for the posts that never were!

I think about that often... how so many people use their blogs to build themselves up or for personal gain, but you used yours to benefit those in need.

A close second was the post about Meera and her necklaces. Having all boys, I just LOVED to hear about something so girly.

Thanks for blogging. I know you are busy, busy, busy, but you keep on sharing your life and I so appreciate it!

(Oh, and thanks for commenting back on my locs question.)

Mark and Sarah said...

Gosh, it's hard to decide. I love all your posts, really. But the most personally impacting was the Haiti Strike post. Some of the most memorable for me were your morning ritual (all driving to the bus stop), your vacation posts--especially the one where you were at your parents' lake house, and all the posts where you share your vulnerable and real feelings!

Jess said...

I think "most memorable" is more apt for me than "favorite," and it's _easily_ the one where you wrote and showed about the twins in the orphanage and the sippy cup to fill the belly at night etc.

For favorite as in "makes me smile," it's Meera and her necklaces.

Ani said...

As always, my favorites are the conversations with K&O (can't wait for Meera to weigh in too!) The recent conversations on gender are definitely high on the list.
Happy 3rd anniversary!

Kate said...

I have only recently come across your family's blog - it has touched me in so many ways. In addition to enjoying reading the adventures and stories of your beautiful children - as a Sociology graduate and transracial adoptee I feel I can relate to the thought-provoking words you write. It is hard to choose a favourite - my vote will be for October 3rd "Adoption Stuff" because I also asked my mother when I was 2 years old "You no throw me away in rubbish bin?" and "no give me to [nanny's name]?" And my mother was equally floored at how I verbalized my fear as a young age (having only learnt English a few months earlier) but was able to reassure me.

Thank you for sharing and happy blogiversary!


Megan said...

I found your blog about a year ago by googling "transracial adoptions". It has been a wealth of information for me! We ultimately sought out to see other families that will look like ours when our baby boy comes home in the next couple of months. So thanks for being a voice out there for transracial adoptions!
My favorite posts from the year are also the ones that made me think the most. My top pick is the one that began the blogging strike. Those 4 boys have been on my mind every since, and I was so grieved when one of them passed away last week. Thank you for introducing me to them. Up for second is the Letter to Meera. I know you took a lot of fallout for that one- but I think it is a beautiful letter. Also loved "Cute Little Black Boys Grow Up..."
Happy Anniversary!

T & T Livesay said...

Thank you guys for sending so many to Meds and Foods for Kids and to our fund to buy product from them ... my favorite post was that post too!


Jane said...

I loved the Dear Meera letter. Yep, I felt those same emotions 31 years ago...She'll cherish your letter!

Teresa said...

Hello - I've been enjoying your blog for a while now. This post gave me an excuse to revisit 2009. My favorites were (in chronological order...)
Jan. 26 - Overheard Today
Feb. 12 - Notes on the Balancing Act
March 5 - Weddings & Marriage
June 30 - K&O Quotes
July 29 - In Union there is Power
Oct. 28 - Gender

kelly said...

My favorite was Bulleted Blogging on 9/23. It touched me so much that I left a comment for the first time ever on a blog. My runners up are What If on 7/23, Cute Little Black Boys on 7/22 and Guide to Mothers with Careers on 2/13.

My husband and I have adopted two biracial children (we are white) so many of the posts about race and trying your best with black boys resonate with me.

You and your family inspire me most days and make me pause and think on others. Thank you for both.


Anonymous said...

Long time reader. I love your blog but my primary interest in it is in the food/eating/healthy-lifestyle aspects. I am inspired by families who "make it work" and by women who are determined to provide healthy food for their families. I started reading your blog for that and that's why I stay but I have learned so much along the way in between those food posts! But for sure my favorite of the past year was FOOD WEEK! loved it!
Suzanne in Wake Forest

Anonymous said...

We read for all of your travels. We travel with our young kids too and don't know anybody else who does. So we love to read along and we wait for our favorites (your trips!). Like the person above, we have learned so much from all of the posts in between. We had never even thought about adoption but now we actually are pretty seriously considering it. Thank you. So, our vote is for all of your travel posts from the past year! Especially Mexico and Maryland!
The Gunthrees in Southern CA

Min/El said...

My all-time fav was the Haiti post and is one I still think about often. I'm grateful to you both for opening my eyes to an often overlooked country. Close runner-ups were the "Gifts" post and the food week posts!

Anonymous said...

definitely the Food Week posts and all the travel posts. those are always my favorites for sure. love your blog. definitely my #1 go-to read each morning when i start up the computer.
Cyndi in San Antonio

Anonymous said...

The "Dear Meera" letter for sure was my number one. As a working mom I come to this blog for solace and inspiration. I feel so alone. And then I look here and realize that there is at least one other out there. Thank you for that. Who would have ever thought that a blog could sustain me so?
Kate (another "Professor Mama")

Anonymous said...

Hello Johnson-Mccormick family!!

Thank you for another year of great blogging!! We are so lucky!

I have to agree with many so far that the blog strike for the kids in Haiti is my all-time favorite of 2009. Thank you for making a difference.

But I cannot just pick one, so here are a few other favorites:

11/5 - Cleaning - hilarious!

12/10 - baby Clothes - very touching.

Dear Meera letter. I had just started back to work after the birth of our daughter and was crying reading that post. Although I admire you, Heather, for the work you do, I work in order to have insurance for myself and our daughter which we cannot have through my partner. This leads to my final blog favorite of:

Baracko and all the election posts!! Having a bi-racial daughter and being a "non-traditional" family we too had much excitment and have so much HOPE for changes to take place in this country.

Thanks again and we are looking forward to 2010!!

Lisa - Michigan

Anonymous said...

My favorites are always Braydon's posts! So many women bloggers out there but not enough dads and Braydon's posts, espeically this one, are so great:

oh and this one too:

By the way, I'm a long time reader. Thanks for your blog. It is a gift.
--Arie Smith

Anonymous said...

I can't decide between two, so can I vote for both? They are these...

Mommy Back to Work

Balancing Act

Thank you for your blog! I read everyday from my computer at work.

Tiffany Simone NY, NY.

Anonymous said...

The end of July when you did HAITI WEEK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As a couple we have been contemplating adopting for a long time. We struggle with it and your blog helps us talk through all sorts of things. There are so many conversations we never would have had if it weren't for this blog. Thank you. After much thought over the past few days we have finally narrowed it down to two favorites. There are two of us so we figure we can throw in two votes. Right? :) Here they are.

White Christmas for Black Boys
the link is

Cute Black Boys Grow Up
the link is

Thank you for ALL your posts!
From the Kennisons in MI

Anonymous said...


Marsha said...

Hey Heather- That's an easy one for me: "Dear Meera." I hope and pray and wish and dread that I will feel those exact same feelings someday as a mother with a career, crying as I leave my baby at home and then find myself standing up in front of a class of eager college students. I can almost see it, and your heart-felt, gut-wrenching description presents the very real dilemma, on a personal level and a sociological, mothers-with-careers level. Thanks for that wonderful post- I think of it, and refer to it, often. It directly addresses one of the key themes that I love about your blog. Keep up the fantastic writing and thanks for giving courage to so many other women (and men) out there. Love, Marsha (now living in Pau, France, and struggling- really struggling- to decide what's next in life- PhD? ESL Teaching? Marriage? More travel? Europe? U.S.? Back to Africa?...)

Anonymous said...

Your "Adoption Day" post (I think it is so cool that you celebrate your special day in such special ways each year. The statue of liberty was just profound and poignant).

and the one related to that,

As a family considering adoption your blog has been invaluable. Thank you.
The Gancitanos, Salt Lake City

Anonymous said...

Honestly it was so simple but this one from July 15th was my favorite from this year. It sums up your entire blog beautifully:
I think of that post often and the imagery of those photos somehow really got locked into my mind in a very symbolic way. I can't qutie explain it. One of the reasons I look at your blog daily is because of the photos. You do an amazing job with capturing so much. Thanks for another great year of blogging.
Nikita Downing (reading you from Memphis)

Holli said...

how could I even choose?! I love each and every one!!! seriously!

Melissa said...

1.The Meera/necklace post, 2.Medika Mamba post (before and after of the 4 boys, plus the K/O orphanage shots/ stories)

Anonymous said...

This isn't helpful in terms of voting, but I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I don't think I have a favorite post, but I really look forward to each post you put up. Thank you for sharing your wonderful family with us!

AJ's mommy said...

Needing Breaks

Dear Meera

Mommy back to work

As a full time professional working mom, these hit home for me!

Sarah said...

I will never forget your post/photos about the boys' experience in their orphanage. It was not my favourite but it was the most eye-opening by far.

My favourite would have to be the one about the twins mowing the lawn in their spiderman outfits. That one killed me. Too funny!


Anonymous said...

Love the ones of your travels!
Blog break!

Anonymous said...

They are all the same so the vote is for all of them.

Anonymous said...

Well since you're putting sugar on top. :) My favorite posts are when the boys are reflective. They are too young to have filters and they say what they are really feeling or's beautiful. Also seeing them play with such freedom and joy is also a favorite. Oh and can't forget Little Miss M, my favorites with her lately is seeing her personality come out and how she interacts with each brother differently.

You are mightly blessed J-M family and you're blog has a been a blessing to those of us who need a little joy in our day.


Anonymous said...

Calvin. Definitely anything with Calvin.

Anonymous said...

That's funny cuz I was just about to write about Calvin too and then saw the comment above. I love how you guys do what you can to give them lots of good exposure to black role models. As a black adoptee myself (with white parents), this is something I have the utmost appreciation for. I only wish my parents had done even a fraction of what you do. It must be hard work for you. But I, for one, think it will be well worth it in the long run. So, Calvin, your black babysitter, all the things you bring them to (shows, etc.), and all of that stuff is always my favorite. Keep up the good work. I cannot wait to see how these boys turn out!

Anonymous said...

Here are the entries I found the most memorable (favorite, most thought provoking ect).

-Cute Little black boys
-Meera and her necklaces
-Blog hiatus for Haiti/Medika Mamba
-Skydiving (and all the great posts with MorMor and Morfar!)
-The trip to Mexico (places with real floors)

This is the first comment, i've ever made, but a long time lurker. I love your blog, can't really relate. I'm just a lowly grad student, but hopefully one day.

Chelsea said...

My favorites are when the boys made you (perfect) coffee!, the cleaning post from a couple of weeks ago, their Halloween butterfly costumes, Meera's necklaces and new shoes posts, "Calvin Days" post, and the post on Haiti with stories about K&O's orphanage days. I'm sure I have more...I only made it back to July :).

Megan said...

Sorry- I already commented once with my faves, but I forgot how much I loved the pictures of Meera covered in her 1st birthday cake! So I'll put in a vote for that one too!

Anonymous said...


I also like the ones about K & O's love of your lawn guy.

The post about K&O's orphanage experience will stay with me forever.

Keep bloggin'.


Mika K. Reynolds said...

I love your blog. We have only recently discovered it (as we prepare for an transracial adoption ourselves). I loved Meera's necklaces and the "Vitamin Men."

Anonymous said...

Hi JM family,
I look forward to each and every post. I can't think of only one favourite post but I love all of the 'kid speak posts' it will be interesting to read as Meera begins to join in :) I think my favourite thing about your blog is that you blog about many aspects of you busy and beautiful lives. Thank you for the gift you give each and every time you share your lives with us in your articulate, honest and heart warming posts.

Anonymous said...

-Meera's necklaces

-Pictures of the boys doing things that would scare most moms (skateboarding, climbing really tall trees and climbing in the house, bike ramp)

-perfect cup of coffee

Anonymous said...

Your travels! As a travel agent and travel writer myself I am always amazed at what you come up with! I honestly think you could do a successful travel blog, or even a travel book, for family-friendly-travel. I know you have so much going on already but I have often thought that you should pitch a book like that to a publisher because I think you would easily get a contract. Or at the very least a regular column in a travel magazine or travel site. As a side note, I just want to say that these family experiences you are creating will hold you five together for a lifetime. As a 60-something grandma now I know this to be true with all of my heart. We highly prioritized high quality travel with our children, and I believe that is at least partly why we are still so close (and now still traveling with them and with our grandkiddos!). The memories last a lifetime and they know when you have put them FIRST! So keep it up and you will not be disappointed! Blessings upon you,
Cathy from Rhode Island

Anonymous said...

Hello. We've been reading for about a year and a half now. We love your blog. Food Week was our favorite from the past year.

Robyn said...

I love your deep thoughts on important subjects. There are so many I couldn't choose just one. I also love anything with MorMor and MorFar. I wish they would adopt

Anonymous said...

I look forward to your blog because it is my pick me up. I always feel better after I have read your wonderful descriptions of your daily life with your adorable bambinos. I have an adorable, active, 6 year old bambino from Kazakhstan. I would have to say it is therapeutic for me to see that there is a pair of boys in this world (yours) who are as goofy, adorable and busy as mine. I guess my favorite blogs/fotos are of your boys climbing the walls in your kitchen and when they wore their spiderman suits while mowing the lawn!! Your blog is a blessing!
Madeleine Grucza in St Louis, MO

BerlinBound said...

Hands-down the most affecting and eye-opening post for me from the past year was "Starvation and Deep Destitute Poverty". Thank you for that, and thank you for your many other beautiful, funny, interesting, thought-provoking posts that I enjoy reading every day.

Katie Sharp said...

I love the post about Meera's necklaces, K&O's getting ready to start school and their conversations about gender.

Anonymous said...

Please forgive this long list, but I love almost all of what I read on your blog! It was hard enough to narrow it down this much.

In no particular order...

In Union There Is Power
Meera's New Shoes
Overheard Today
The Sweet Boy
Lonely Days Ahead For Little Miss
L'union fait la force
Starvation and Deep Destitute Poverty
Little Miss Diva
End Of July Summer Report
K & O Choice Quotes From Recent Days
Celebration of African Cultures 2009
Thinking About Tomorrow and The Past

I know 13 favorites is a bit much! Sorry about that! I would give you the reasons for them all, but I know you are busy, busy, busy people without time to read ridiculously long comments! I just love these posts for their honesty, beauty, and sweetness. I especially love anything that shows how sweet, sweet, sweet the relationships are between your children! And anything about K & O's perception on adoption is fascinating -- I would absolutely looove to adopt children internationally someday. Thanks for sharing your wonderful thoughts and stories!


Anonymous said...

There have been so many fantastic posts. I loved food week. I loved Dear Meera and Mommy back to work. I also love reading about your travels.

Quanni F. said...

Alright, here I go. First time poster.

My favorite would have to be "Starvation and Deep Destitute Poverty". It's a powerful and truly emotional post and I'm in awe of you for posting it. Thanks for your openness.

Glady said...

now that s not fair at all :) I love all the blogs equally whether it written by you or Braydon. I love the shoe shopping with Meera, your first day back to work leaving at home. I love the family vacations well actually the vacations are my favorites.

keep blogging.

Heather said...

FROM KATIE (via email)--
I've kept a photo journal of my husband's (and my) lunches since I read about your bentos during Food Week. We couldn't love them more. Just wanted to vote for March 11, 2009. And if you're ever in need of vegetarian ideas for your boys' boxes, take a gander at my album!

Note to KATIE--
Hi Katie, nice to "meet" you! Thanks for emailing me and thanks for reading the blog. I looked at your link! What awesome vegetarian lunches! So glad you're having fun with it! I would love to keep up with it. Will you FB me so that I can look at the link via FB? I'm on facebook, just look for 'Heather Johnson' Thanks!

jenny said...

wow thats so cute celebration here and happy to see this also. Blogiversary, Really new but good to celebrate.. Thanks.

dsi r4

Roxann said...

CONGRATS my lovely, beautiful friends. I love you all.