Thursday, November 13, 2008


We've been blogging for 2 Years!!!

(Actually we've been blogging for 2 years + 1 month. But October was just too tough for our family and I didn't feel like 'celebrating' on the actual Blogiversary -- October 11). Last year, on our first Blogiversary we got our readers to tell us some of their favorite blog posts from that year (click here). Then we compiled a Top Ten List of Our Readers' Favorite Blog Posts (click here).

This year we're doing the same thing. But this year I really hope that if you have read this blog at all in the past year that you'll be nice and play along! I've posted almost every day, and you get to read it. It is only fair that you come out of the blogosphere to chime in!!! So, come on now, don't flake out. Just do it. Some of you may only read every once in a great while, some of you read daily, no matter how much you read--- now it is your turn. Please play with us!!!
So tell us: What was your favorite post from the past year?
Anything from October 2007-November 2008 is fair game.
We're going to be taking a blog break, so you have a full week to take a look-see through the past year's worth of our blog. Please share your favorites by posting your comment here! We'll publish all of the comments and compile the Top Ten List on Friday, November 21!
Happy Blogiversary!!!!!!!!!


Chuck and Juli said...

Oh fun! I can't wait to see what everyone says.

My all time favorite post is the recent top 10 K & O unsupervised moments. It was hilarious and had me wondering if that's what I'm in for.

Have a fun blog break!

Lorna said...


I started reading your blog in early '08 and very much enjoy keeping up with your family's adventures. I am a Waldorf school grad myself, and a prospective adoptive mama (someday soon).

It was an easy choice to pick my favorite was just a few days ago (Nov 5), but the hopeful sincerity of your words has stuck with me: "this morning I held each of my children in my arms and whispered to them, for the first time ever, what I now actually do believe to be true: "My baby, you can be anything. The sky's the limit now. You can be anything you want to be."

Viva the JM 5! Looking forward to more of your posts.


Leslie said...

Leslie from California de-lurking to admit that I am one of those daily readers. I am a teacher, and your insight into children and celebrating differences inspires me daily.
I love love love the post about the tutus. I had tears in my eyes and have to admit that my little guy who's 4 loves to dress up, too! His daddy isn't the biggest fan, but it's kind of our secret game. I let him bring along a purse when we shop, and he's got it filled with cars and rocks and his "lipstick" (chapstick). It makes him smile, and that's my job! Thanks for the year's worth of inspiration! :)

ShannonC said...

I'm not 100% sure they were in the last year, but here are some of the highlights that have doubled me over laughing in stitches, with my dog looking at me like I'm crazy.

-The story about the boys french kissing in the grocery store.

-Their incessant desire for pony tails and sparkly shoes!

-The Hypothetical Game, Jan 08

Less humorous entries:
-The very sensitive one that cause so much flak, around Owen insisting he was breast fed. (for what it's worth.. great job! and thank you for sharing such sensitive emotional gut wrenching things with your keyboard, so the rest of us can learn from it!)

- And "questions" in January.

-The pink tutu's in Hypothetical game

-beautiful photo in the earlier post of "questions"

-On my work computer (ssshhshhh) forwhat ever reason I bookmarked your blog on the first one I ever read titled "Kyle and Owens Dreadlocks". That picture still strikes me as such a great artistic, many different textures sort of way.

Heather said...

This one is easy for me, but I have TWO!!!! They both made me laugh and cry!

1. Thumb and Pinky, and
2. "We're your big brothers!"

Thanks so much for sharing these with all of us!!!!


Nadia said...

I gotta say my favorite post was seeing baby meera's face for the first time!

Nadia said...

I gotta say my favorite post was seeing baby meera's face for the first time!

Sara said...

The arrival of Miss Meera is my favorite!


john said...

just ended up on your blog somehow, what a great blog. Your family is beautiful.


Tanja said...

I loved your blog on juli 30th; top 10: K&) in unsupervised moments!!!!
I'm adopting from Haiti aswel, and hope my boy will just as naughty as your boys (well, as just one of them, will be better) :-)

Tanja, from the Netherlands

honor22 said...

Pool Boys in June. I had just found your blog. I love, love, love those photographs!


Karen Vitek said...

Absolutely without a doubt the post about MorFar being the "boss" was my hands down favorite. It just had so much charm and innocence to it!

Anonymous said...

Well, it's pretty tough to pick just one favorite, but I have to go with the different accounts of Meera's birth as #1. It was so great to hear about it through each different perspective. Especially after so much anticipation leading up to the big day!

My partner and I are expecting our first right around Miss Meera's first birthday so birth stories are very fascinating right now!

Thank you so much for sharing your life with all of us. We read about your beautiful family every day and hope to adopt from Haiti one day as well!

Thanks again!

Lisa - from Michigan

Anonymous said...

This is an impossible question. There are so many wonderful posts!

But, forced to choose, I'd pick the one where you came in on the boys up on the table showing such love for Meera and assuring her that they will always protect her.


Anonymous said...

I'm a regular lurker. I LOVED the post entitled "Adoption Stuff". I really learned a lot from it. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I like to read K&Os funny quotes, they bring a smile on my face, so I'll go with the most recent quote post:

Choice K & O Quotes from Recent Days: posted on November 3th

-Heidi (FIN)

Tiffany said...

Hello J-Ms!! I have been reading your story for about 9 months or so. My favorite posts are the ones you just recently wrote about each boy's relationship with Meera. They were both so beautiful!

taylorchloejake said...

My favorite was the thumbsucking big brother with his pinky in little sisters mouth. Too cute!

Asiaha said...

My favorite would have to be the Open Book posts, because we all get to learn a little bit more about your beautiful family! =)

Anonymous said...

Welllll we were going to say the question and answer part of your blog, but hubby and I came to the conclusion that we like your most recent post on your kiddos accomplishments.

Way to go all.

Patricia said...

I don't have time to reread, so off the top of my head I'd say my favorite is still the one of Owen eating the worm. (Is that from the right time frame?) The sequence of pictures makes me howl with laughter whenever I look at it. I also just love how it captures his inquisitiveness.


Ani said...

ooooh, fun! its tough to pick a fave, but i distinctly remember the list of activities K&O were up those brief unsupervised moments... really, i laughed my head off reading down that list, and I was at WORK!

hope you have a fun break.

Anonymous said...

That is a hard task! I think I'd have to go with Braydon's "Homecoming" post shortly after Meera was born. Lovely sentiments, and the most stunning picture of Meera with her brother (I think it is Owen, but am not sure). But really, any post about the boys-- especially how they are with their sister-- is a winner in my book.

Happy 2nd Blogiversary!


Abuela Beauty said...

Hi Heather!!
I love your family! The guys are so so sweet! and the little baby a princess!!
I live in Argentina, and I´ve found your blog...I don´t remember how, but every week I came here!!


Mark and Sarah said...

My favorite post of Braydon's was Forest of Kitchens. I LOVED it. Inspiring, and I'm a mom, not a dad! He articulated so well the love that a parent innately has for his child.

I have to think a bit longer to post my favorite of Heather's since she has SO many amazing ones it's hard to pick just one!

Hope you all are enjoying your blog break!

Mark and Sarah said...

Okay, I've decided my favorite post of Heather's is the the all too controversial "Adoption Stuff" post from October.

One of the reasons I love your blog so much is because of your authenticity in parenting, including the incredible honor and challenge of being an adoptive parent. We are a couple years behind you in parenting (our oldest turned 2 today) and we don't have a lot of friends with kids yet, so your blog has become somewhat of a guidepost for us. I am thankful that you continue to post about things that matter even though there are naysayers who choose to speak their minds inappropriately.

I have never been much of an internet junkie, but your blog is one that I check in on lots. It's like curling up with a good book. I only started reading in 2008, so I need to go back and start at the beginning! Lots of great reading to do :)

Anonymous said...

Woohoo! Celebrate! it's so hard to just pick a few but i've narrowed it down, not necessarily in order but i did try to put some order to them:

from favorite fave to fave:
The Hypothetical Game (pink tutus!)
Bigger Kids and Littler Kids
Man in the Yellow Hat
Story #2 of Today in the Grocery Store
Open Book
Meera Sleeps (video)
Owen reads to Meera
We're your big brothers
Pinky and Thumb
4th birthday party
Top 10 ideas for Papi's birthday


cassidy said...

There have been many great posts but hands down, the absolute BEST is when you and Braydon AND MorMor and MorFar all described Meera's birth story. You each had such a beautiful way to describe that time and having it in written form to keep forever is just great.

Single PAP said...

the post about the crazy things they've done when you took your eyes off them for a moment. that was this year right?


Anonymous said...

Hi! I am a daily reader and Mama to my 5 year old son (adopted from Haiti!). My favorite post is "Adoption Stuff" from October. Love reading your blog!


Mary said...

Wednesday, April 23, 2008
"Steel gossamer"

I think it's one of the first posts that I ever read? (I am a relatively new reader.)
And after reading that post,
I was hooked.

Thanks for doing what you do on this blogspot. And thanks for doing it well, so consistently.

Elyssium Earth said...

Although your writing style is engaging, fluent and witty I must surpass this for the hilarity of the boys!! "Tues Sept 02 - Choice K&O quotes from the past couple of weeks" was fantastic, really brightened my day. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

becky's fave posts were A trombone for Ky Ky and Penn Haiti-Adoptive-Families CHRISTMAS PARTY

she doesn't wanna de-lurk lol


Anonymous said...

: THIS post had the most emotional hit for me-

"Am I in this family forever? Or no?" Of course I shouted back, "Yes! Forever! Forever and ever and ever!" He stopped, turned back to face me, looked at me, and said, "So, are you my mommy forever and ever? Or will I have to have another mommy?"

Anonymous said...

This post- really hit home fro me! Adoption related, "Am I in this family forever? Or no?" Of course I shouted back, "Yes! Forever! Forever and ever and ever!" He stopped, turned back to face me, looked at me, and said, "So, are you my mommy forever and ever? Or will I have to have another mommy?"

as a note, your comment thing has not been working this past week!!

Anonymous said...

All of your travels in the past year! I assume that's where you are now! I don't know of ANYONE who is gutsy enough to travel as much as you do with young twin boys!!!!!!! (and now w/ M too?!?)... I love the photos from your travels especially much. :)
Cindy in MI

Anonymous said...

Definitely the New Year announcement that you were prego!! And then following along with the pregnancy!!!
Deena, reader since early '07

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A few of my very favorites have been mentioned here (like the thumb and pinky one and the birth story ones) but I don't think the one that Braydon wrote about watching the dawn with his new baby has yet.

This is a very, very hard task because your posts are all so wonderful. I am almost inclined just to click on a random post from a random month listed in your archives and call that my favorite because the likelihood of it being a great post is so high.


Melissa said...

I really like the Trauger's Farm post. I thought the part about Owen and the farmer was moving.

Thanks for doing this!

Alison said...

I like the posts when Braydon puts videos up!!

Anonymous said...

My favourite post without a doubt, is the boys in pyjamas with tutus!
I also love the quotes from them, and the mishief they can get into if left alone for even a second (I'm thinking of all the string they wrapped round the house, and when they climbed onto the air conditioning unit). Love the spirit of your boys!

Jane, England

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking off and on about this all week. Like so many others I think when Meera was born is my favourite. The ones written by the grammas were sooo special. Take care.


scott and susan said...

I love them all. Really. But the October 3 "Adoption Stuff" post was lovely and really hit home for me. I so appreciate (and look forward to) my periodic visits to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Baracko!!!! was my favorite. An easy choice because it's stuck with me and I've told many close friends and family about your post. Hopeful, exciting, positive- that's why I read your blog almost every day! Thanks again for all your wonderful posts throughout the year, and if you have the energy to keep it up, I promise to be an admiring, loyal fan.... A hug, Marsha

Anonymous said...

Definitely all the traveling posts. We use your blog like a travel agent!!!!!!! We've been to Baltimore twice now because of you! Thanks for all your blogging!
Jim & Denise in Northern Virginia

john said...

hi, actually, just found your blog. So i have alot of reading to do but really enjoyed what i have read thus far. thanks for sharing. We are adoptive parents also.

john said...

hi, actually, just found your blog. So i have alot of reading to do but really enjoyed what i have read thus far. thanks for sharing. We are adoptive parents also.