Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Singer Island, Florida

I think this has been the longest blog break I've taken in our two years of blogging. Lots and lots to catch up on! We spent November 13-20 on vacation in Singer Island, Florida. This was our first real, big vaca as a family of five. The trip was GREAT, even despite major flight problems (we got stranded overnight in hotel airports with no luggage going and coming back!!!!!!!!!!! we almost lost our minds and many people were witness to some of our all-time lowest of parenting lows in the Atlanta airport). Don't get me wrong--- travelling with two four year olds and a five month old is no easy task, and there is no real rest for the weary... but... there truly is nothing like a vaca for family bonding. Turns out that, just like her brothers, Meera is a travelling champ (although it took her a solid week to recover after coming home, and her sleeping is still a bit disrupted). And K & O are always always always completely into travelling-- every single bit of every single part of it all-- and so much fun to be with as it really seems that they love life even more intensely while on vacation. Highlights of this trip were Meera loving the pool almost as much as her brothers; walking on the beach every early morning and late afternoon with the boys in heaven and Meera in the backpack; ice cream sandwiches (K & O) and bloody marys (H & B) by the pool; a great suite/villa set up with a full kitchen which allowed us to feed the kids and get them to bed early (and then get great fresh fish take-out for us later); golfing (B, K, O) at two different driving ranges on two different days; sleeping all five of us together in one room; the boys new-found love of finding coconuts and building intricate sandcastles and chasing crabs; an overturned boat down the beach a bit which K & O spent many many hours watching and playing on; shuffleboard; collecting shells to bring home to K & O's friends at school; the gigantic hot tub! (K & O love hot tubs!); time together; precious, precious time together. We are a family who loves to go places together and experience adventure. We always come home from the trip dreaming and scheming together about the next one. Lots of photos posted below.


Asiaha said...

It sounds like you guys had so much fun! =) I wish my family would go on vacations =(

Sara said...

I live in So. Florida and have been reading your blog for a while. Singer Island is my favorite local beach. I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

P.S. I also despise the Atlanta airport!