Monday, November 23, 2009

10 Day Postcast

 I don't think "postcast" is actually a word, but it seems to fit here. You know, a brief post about the past 10 days. Not a forecast, but rather, a postcast. ? I don't know. What I do know is that a lot goes on in 10 days around here. Here's a tiny smidgen of a few highlights:
  • Yesterday marked the end of 4 weeks of me being sick. 4 weeks of being sick is a long, long time for this Mama. Especially at the worst possible time (end of the semester). It took a toll on the whole of us 5. I kept wondering, 'is it best that it is me that is sick, or is this the worst case scenario?' I never really determined the answer to that question. I went back and forth on it daily. It started as a 3 day flu (probably swine flu?) with fever, body aches, the whole 9 yards. But instead of taking it seriously I popped Advil every 4 hours while going to work, coming home for the second shift (a.k.a. running the household), etc. I should have taken it seriously. That is the lesson I learned. The fever broke and it turned into a bad cold thing, and then it turned into bronchitis, and then walking pneumonia verging-on-full-blown-pneumonia. Finally my doctor threatened that if I didn't get serious about getting better she was going to hospitalize me in 48 hours. I got serious and took 2 days off from work. That was 2 weeks ago. I'm really pretty much better now (probably at about 85% full capacity). But it was a long stretch of sick and it was tough on the J-Ms. The nice thing, though, is that up until 4 weeks ago I hadn't been sick enough to see a doctor since 2003!!! So, I'm thinking that now I have another 6 years of healthy before getting sick like that again. I'm not complaining.
  • Photo above taken at this year's Lantern Walk at the boys' school. A magical, wonderful Waldorf tradition that we've come to savor. 
  • Photo below taken in the front yard before Kavya's Birthday Party. It was a costume party and K & O were doctors. That was a very, very fun party and a very, very great day.
  •  Little Miss has taken to a love of lawn-mowing. Just like her brothers that one. Scary, scary stuff. Her primary efforts these days are dedicated to mimicking everything she sees them do. I will repeat: scary, scary stuff.
  • The boys had an awesome after-school dual-playdate. They each chose their best friend from their respective kindergarten classes. I find it noteworthy and fascinating that both of them --when push comes to shove-- choose girls. I also find it noteworthy and fascinating that, at least this time around, they chose the two girls that --if I could choose-- I'd choose for them (the thing that is so fascinating is that I didn't choose). Owen's best friend right now is a wonderful curly-red-head Patagonia-wearing beauty that I've adored since I first laid eyes on her. And Kyle's best friend right now is a tiny spunky whippersnapper of a girl who loves wearing princess dresses with her hot-pink cowboy boots and I've always thought that she is an absolute riot. These two sets of friends had an after-school playdate today that was just stupendous. I was so glad to have been able to take the afternoon off to be able to chaperon it. K & O are not always angels (not at all), but today they were. And I couldn't have been more proud watching them play so nicely with their friends. I'm seriously contemplating only ever allowing girl-only playdates from now on. Sooooooooo much nicer than boy playdates!!!!!!!!!!!
  • How on earth did this happen? We found ourselves watching football on t.v. on Sunday afternoon. These boys have had a profound impact on our life. Pre-K&O we would never have imagined that we'd have a football game on in our house. And yet... here we are. Very, very, very strange. Very strange. Kyle is obsessed with football right now. Obsessed.
  •  The threesome plays the piano every day. Every single day, at least once (often more), we find this. They are just sounding stuff out and playing around with the piano. I think it is kind of a bonding thing for the three of them. They do it a lot. Owen is amazing at sounding out music. Lately he's figuring out Beethoven's 5th Symphony.
  • Filth. Never ending filth. My husband is the Laundry Master. I don't know how he does it but he gets the stains out. Seriously, we are like a living breathing Tide commercial. 


Alexandra said...

Dear Heather,
living in Germany and having grown up in Switzerland the lantern procession stirs a lot of memories and emotions. We had our third Lantern procession with Léane and Davidson 2 weeks ago and every year their experience and participation has been different. This year was the first year that I can truly say that the children BOTH loved it equally and sang their little hearts out;). It was wonderful, peaceful and a joy to watch them!
I am not sure if you know where the tradition comes from so I thought I'd send you a link which gives a lot of background information on the lantern procession.

Best regards from Germany,

Heather said...

Alexandra, Thanks for your comment! I loved reading the link you sent- thank you! At the school's lantern walk this year they actually re-enacted the story of St. Martin and the beggar... St. Martin (one of the dads, dressed up as St. Martin) rode into the field on a big white horse and encountered the beggar man (another dad dressed as the beggar). Owen ran up into the field and shouted "It is the REAL St. Martin!!!!!!" to the whole crowd gathered for the lantern walk. It was a memorable moment! At age 5 K & O still firmly believe in everything... it never would have occurred to them that these were friends' dads dressed up. The fact that it was a real galloping horse made it seem very magical too. Anyway, thought you'd be interested in that! ;)
Thanks again for your comment.
And thanks for reading!