Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2008 Lantern Walk

The boys' Waldorf School has a lot of events and festivals throughout the year. My absolute favorite is the Lantern Walk that happens one evening in the fall. It is such a beautiful, beautiful night. Click here for Braydon's post about last year's Lantern Walk. This year we are not going to be able to make it to the Lantern Walk and we're all really sad about that. Yesterday after school I made lanterns with Kyle and Owen. After dinner the four of us (Meera was sound asleep in her crib) did our own Lantern Walk outside around our house. It was a crisp November night, very dark, with an almost-full moon. Walking outside in the dark is so powerful and magical for young children -- especially carrying a lantern with a real candle in it. K & O carried the lanterns we had made earlier in the day (calling them their "4 Year Old Lanterns"), and Braydon and I carried their lanterns from last year's Lantern Walk (their "3 Year Old Lanterns"). It wasn't as full-of-wonder as it would have been if we could have made it to the school Lantern Walk, but it was really special and wonder-full nevertheless.

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Kerry WB said...

I'm sure one day you'll get to tell Kyle & Owen (and Meera too of course) that lanterns were carried in at your wedding...perhaps that is part of what makes the lantern walk so meaningful and magical.