Sunday, November 11, 2007

Lantern Walk

On Friday the RVWS had it's annual Lantern Walk to celebrate the fall season. We had never been to one, but the school had been preparing - and the boys had given us a preview of the songs they had been working on.

The letter home about it had instructed us, under no uncertain terms, that the Lantern Walk is a quiet peaceful time; adults are not to socialize and chat, and there should be no cell phones or cameras or video cameras. All of which it turns out I was glad for (although I did break the rules).

They handed out lanterns made by the kids - in our case little glass jars with colored paper painted-on and hung from a short stick with wire. We sang a few songs as a group all about fall and winter. Kyle and Owen followed along - kind of - since they didn't seem to know the words or the tunes too much, but it was super cute.

In typical K&O fashion they had to be the center of the action. And by center, I mean the center. They stood in the center of the fire pit (that would be lit later) while everyone stared at them. When the singing started, we made sure they came back to us.

Then everyone did a nice nature walk around the school, lit by luminaries and our lanterns. Kyle insisted on walking with Miss Kathy and holding her hand when possible, Owen liked to walk with the big kids as much as possible. Typical on both accounts!

After the walk we all had nice warm apple cider around the "bonfire" and everyone murmured and chatted (quietly of course).

All in all, it was really really nice. The boys loved it. So much in fact that as soon as we got in the car, Kyle said "Papi, you have to turn around and go back!". Heather and I loved it too.

My rule breaking self couldn't not take a few camera phone pics (double whammy!).

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