Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Moving Forward... Drumroll Please...

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Over the coming week we're going to post things that are somehow, someway related (if even only somewhat obscurely) to the big, big topic of Haiti. There are a whole bunch of Haiti-related thoughts bouncing around in our minds (and our conversations) around here lately. So for the next week we're going to blog exclusively about some of that stuff.

A note up front~~~ Folks, we are declaring this Haiti Week on our blog for no other reason but that we just want to. If you haven't figured it out already, let me spell it out for you: this blog is all about us us us us us. The purpose is not to educate anyone about Haiti (there are lots of other sites out there that can do that, just google it and see!). And we are definitely not, by any stretch of the imagination, experts on Haiti (far from it!). It is just that Haiti is, simply, weighing heavily on our thoughts and on our hearts, all (all!) the (the!) time (time!)... and has been for 5 1/2 years now. This is a week for us to just take a tiny bit of time to process some of what we've been thinking about recently -- for ourselves, and as a record for our kids someday -- and if you want to read along, then you're welcome to come along for the ride! However... please... keep in mind that some of the stuff we'll be writing about is very sensitive for us and for our two precious Haitian-American kids. As always, we'll be censoring what we write for all of the reasons that we do that. But we still feel vulnerable. So, if you have questions or comments, please do leave them here-- but please also refrain from expecting more of us than we can give.

Three Cheers to Haiti Week!

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Lisa said...

I think Haiti week is an outstanding idea! Wish I would of thought of it myself!! I can't wait to read along! Like with your family Haiti has been weighing heavy on our minds since we started our Haitian adoption process back in January of '08, and I know that our Haiti thoughts will NEVER, EVER go away!

I love the Haiti t-shirts, too cute!!