Saturday, January 31, 2009

Adoption Day 2009 (1 of 2)

(A huge THANK YOU to MorMor for coming and spending the day at home with Meera so that Kyle and Owen could have their Mama and Papi all to themselves --and vice versa-- on this very special day!!!)



Ani said...

Happy Adoption Day!

Anonymous said...



Katie said...

I LOVE the picture of Braydon talking to Kyle and Owen looking on. Kyle looks like he's been up to something and Papi is telling him, 'no!' Ellis Island, what a cool place to take the boys! Happy Adoption Day!

Anonymous said...

Ellis Island is indeed the perfect place for an Adoption Day trip. I'd guess that Braydon is telling the boys about the meaning of the location or the Statue of Liberty.


Jason Bourne said...

Love the pics! Looks like it was a great trip. Ellis island is an intriguing, wonderful (and sometimes sad...depending on what would-be-immigrant you're reading about) place. But I digress! Love the pics!