Tuesday, February 03, 2009

MorMor Visits

MorMor was here for five sleeps. Five sleeps = five glorious days of help and camaraderie. Anyone who has been reading this blog for awhile knows about MorMor's visits. Having her here cuts our work in half (at least) and doubles our laughs (at least). Mostly the work involves her doing tons of things around here that we don't even know need to be done (seriously). Mostly the laughs involve us cracking up at how insane it is around here all the time (seriously). Seeing our life through her eyes makes us laugh our tushes off round the clock. She's let in as a true insider (so she sees it all), and yet having her here allows us to see the craziness-that-is-our-life through the eyes of an outsider-looking-in. It is hard to explain. I don't think I do our life justice on this blog. I don't think I'm able to represent just how CRAZY --in so many ways, on so many levels-- it really is around here. The stuff that goes on is just off the wall. You've just gotta see it to believe it. And MorMor sees it. So we laugh and laugh (or else we cry).
Anyway~~~ this trip involved much sewing. Ever since they started at the Waldorf school the fall before last, K & O have an inability to keep a pair of pants longer than 3 months MAX without getting holes in the knees. I am not kidding. We cannot get a pair of pants to last longer than about 12 weeks. So MorMor brought her sewing machine this time to patch up ten (count them, TEN!!!!!!!!!!) pair of K & O's pants. I've tried just about every brand of boys' pants on the market. They are not tough enough for these boys. MorMor wants to try Carhart next -- and she plans to buy some pants to test out ASAP. We shall see. In the meantime, she was patching up knees like you wouldn't believe. While she was at it, she gave the boys their first sewing lessons. Now that was interesting (we laughed and we cried during that one).

She cooks for us too whenever she's here. I know, I know, we are beyond lucky. One of the things she made this time was lamb stew. The boys loved it. Kyle, in particular. He devoured his first bowl and then enthusiastically requested that he have "lamb suet" (he insisted on calling it 'lamb suet' instead of 'lamb stew'.... ??????) in his lunch at school the next day. And he ate every last drop from his thermos at school (and believe me, I packed a lot in there). Lamb suet was a huge winner!!!!!!! (Among lots of other things she cooked too). Whenever MorMor's here, though, the big excitement where food is concerned (at least for K & O) is ICE CREAM. Lots of ice cream eating goes on when MorMor's here (and pretty much only when MorMor is here). This time, MorMor gave Meera her very first ice cream. I have pictures of MorMor feeding K & O their very first ice cream too, when they were babies. Meera didn't like it nearly as much as I remember the boys liking it. But she'll learn to love it. MorMor will be sure of that.

Oh, and did I mention... when she's here she sets up office in the guest room and MAINTAINS HER JOB TOO??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously, she's the original, the best, the *real* SUPERMOM.
MorFar came for just the last night of the visit. Here he is with his boys (after playing baseball in the driveway, of course).

They left this morning. We are sad. And now we're back to twice as much work (at least), and only half as many laughs (at least). Luckily for us, that is still a lot of laughs and we have skype (and have already chatted on it once tonight).


Nadia said...

do any of the stores in the US(I'm in canada) have the kid quality guarantee?? we have a few stores around here that if the kids wear out the clothes before they outgrown them they will replace them..actually i'm positive walmart has this guarantee here..would help out on the holy knee problem :)

Patricia said...

That top photo could be a hair shampoo/color commercial. Lookin' good Janet! Want to come stay at my place for awhile? :) Ha!

C said...

Sears has a program called Kidvantage. It's free to sign up and if your kids wear out the knees in their pants or they otherwise wear out before they should they will replace them for free. Our girls aren't too hard on the knees yet so we haven't had to use it but I know a few people who have and it seems to work exactly as they say it will =). Hope that helps.


Anonymous said...

I haven't needed it but apparently Sears has something called the Sears Kid Advantage program. If clothes are torn or worn out, they can be replaced.

They have to be the same size and the same or a similar brand. And you need the receipts.

Anonymous said...

Gap and Children's Place used to have a guarantee. I know Children's Place have it still because my daughter's skirt tore and they replaced it.

Carhartt Blogger said...

Hi, it's Erica S. from Carhartt Marketing. I would definitely give our pants a try. They are built tough because we know that kids can be hard on clothes and we like ours to last. Give them a whirl and let me know what you think!

Kind regards,Erica

Ani said...

My mom used to put knee patches on my brother's pants when she bought them (on the inside). I think she used the iron-on kind. This way, the knees were re-inforced and were able to take way more wear and tear. My sister and I NEVER tore through our pants, but my brother went through them like you wouldn't believe (or maybe you would!!!)

Anonymous said...

I used the knee patches for Braydon and they did work. When his pants were hopelessly knee-impaired, I cut them off, leaving them ragged or hemmed them as shorts. If you save some I can do that for the boys. It seemed a good example of reduce, reuse, recycle (ultimately cutting them up as rags).


Anonymous said...

Just an FYI the website Nappturality has a lot of information on black hair, I'm passing it on to you so you may hopefully pass it on to anybody else who may need it :)

Kristi said...

Does MorMor want to spend a little time in Chicago? We have a lovely guest room and two little girls who love to sew! :)

The boys are getting so big -- and handsome -- and Meera is just darling.