Friday, April 03, 2009


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Reader Recipes from the Food Week Contest (note that all reader recipes are in the comments of the posts below) :

  1. Our Readers' Recipes
  2. Reader Recipes
  3. More Reader Recipes
  4. MorMor's Highly Requested Almond Bread

Food Week Contest Winner -- Video: Vy's Thai Green Curry (click here)

HBJ Recipes:

  1. Creamy Pesto (Chicken and Pasta)
  2. Vegetarian Chili
  3. Penne with Turkey Sausage and Broccoli Rabe
  4. 3 Spinach-Related Dinners ~ Our Favorite 'Meat & Potatoes' Dinner; Spinach Salad; Spinach & White Bean Pasta
  5. 3 More Favs ~ Kyle's Favorite Roast Chicken; J-M Favorite Stir-Fry; “Sunny Chick” (Pasta with Sundried Tomatoes & Chicken)
  6. Final 3 Favs ~ Mustard-Maple Salmon; My Sister Stina's Awesome Quiche; The Best Shrimp Scampi Ever

Food Week Top Ten Lists:

  1. "No Cook" or "Barely Cook" J-M Dinners
  2. Things That I'm Currently Doing That Seem To Make Me Feel At Least Somewhat Organized Where All-Things-Food Are Concerned
  3. Things We Think We're Doing That Might Possibly Be Contributing To Instilling Healthy Eating Habits In Our Young Ones
  4. The Bambinos' Current Favorite Foods
  5. H & B's Favorite Restaurants on the Planet

Food Week Q & A:

  1. Part IV (Organization is Key)
  2. Part III (Kids' Healthy Eating)
  3. Part II (Binder Books for Recipes and Menus)
  4. Part I (Misc)

Other Food Week Stuff:

  1. K & O's School Lunches
  2. Kyle & Owen Cook
  3. Do We Really Knead This (Braydon's Bread)
  4. Yo Baby!
  5. "Fancy Snack"
  6. Meera's First Creamy Pesto Pasta
  7. The Stuff of Life (Braydon's Post)
  8. Food Week on the J-M Blog

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Kristen said...

Ahh, you just made my life so much easier! I just spent the last 20 minutes going back and forth, writing down recipes and trying to find "that one with the pork and applesauce"! Haha... thank you so much!