Monday, March 16, 2009

"Fancy Snack"

Owen and Kyle need to have snacks everyday after school, of course. What 4-year-old doesn't?! 19 days out of 20 they just grab something quick out of "The Snack Drawer" and run off with it to play. This, "The Snack Drawer," is a drawer in the kitchen filled with snacks for them. It is a 'free-for-all' snack bin-- they can take anything out of it anytime. They are very good at self-monitoring. I re-fill "The Snack Drawer" every so often when it is getting low. It is filled with things like: granola bars, individual packs of nuts, dried fruit, goldfish, trail mix, yogurt covered raisins, fruit snacks, snack-pack size packages of popcorn/pretzels/animal crackers/cheeze-and-cracker-packs/peanut-butter-crackers, etc. "The Snack Drawer" is great... but every once in a while we have "FANCY SNACK!" This is maybe 1 day out of 20 (rare!), but it is a beloved ritual nonetheless! "Fancy Snack" involves me preparing a very fancy shmancy snack (!) and the boys dressing up very fancy shmancy to eat it. While I get the snack ready and set it out on the table for them downstairs, upstairs K & O go crazy with the dress-up-clothes-bin getting ready for their grand entrance. When they come downstairs -- in all their very fancy shmancy glory -- they go nutso when they discover the very fancy shmancy snack that is waiting for them (and I go nutso to discover them in all their very fancy shmancy fanciness). The photos here are from two different days of "Fancy Snack" a while back. The only real consistent theme with "Fancy Snack" seems to be that it always somehow involves the tutus.


Sarah and Tim said...

Very cute!!

I do have to ask however, the snack drawer... Do your boy's still eat their lunch and dinner? I have 3 1/2 and 4 1/2 year old girls. I love this idea, but think they may not eat their meals if we did this... I really want to though! I guess we could alway's try it out, and then stop, if it spoiled their meals...

Ani said...

You are a brave woman, serving juice in such fancy schmanzy goblets... but then again, what is a fancy snack without a fancy glass :)

Malia'sMama said...

Oh great, I see the drinks and now I want a MIMOSA! If I manage to get one of Mal's tutus around my thigh, can you make me one- AND a fancy snack? :)
LOVE that those row still get a kick out of their tutus. Yup, can't resist, they are too, too MUCH :)

blessedfamily said...

Very Cute!!

We have something similar, albeit not as many snacks. We have a drawer in the refridgerator that holds cheese sticks, apples, carrot packets, pears, etc that my son is allowed to have at any time. Works great!

I like your idea of a snack drawer... will have to try that!

For us, it doesn't spoil his dinner as long as he don't over-indulge on snacks. Cheese and a breakfast bar takes away the hunger pains until dinner time which is usually 3.5 -4 hours later.


Karen Vitek said...

What a great idea - snack drawer! Too bad mine is 15 now and I need a snack closet!! And I want to know - will the boys get pink sparkle shoes to go with their tutus? It would sooo complete their fancy schmancy outfits!