Friday, April 03, 2009


Cheers to the end of Food Week!
Well "Food Week" somehow morphed into 'Food 3+ Weeks'; we've been at this now since March 9 and as of right now, it is, finally, officially over. We will, as soon as we can get to it, announce the winner of the Food Week Contest and post the highly anticipated video.

Food WeekS was super fun for me. It was a nice change of blogging pace and I feel like it was very cool that I wound up documenting some of the boys' favorite recipes... now they are here and we can go back to them years from now when they are long forgotten. It is especially cool since most of the recipes I posted were not previously written down anywhere (they were only in my own head). Now I know that if -- God forbid -- anything ever happens to me, someone can still make my boys their beloved Pesto Cream Sauce when they've had a bad day or when they are nervous on the eve of the first day of school. Somehow, as depressing as the thought is that I may not always be around to cook for them, it is comforting to me to know that these recipes are somehow documented now. That is a nice, unanticipated, twist to Food Week.

To all who participated in the contest: thanks for all the great recipes! I'll be cooking up a storm with these for weeks to come!

So, now, back to our usual blogging routine!

P.S. One last, final, set of "Food Week Photos"-- K & O eating ice cream... 9 times out of 10 they stir their ice cream up, "making it lickitty" (K & O twinspeak for some sort of verbal cross-section between the words "lick" and "liquidy" and "lickity-split"/quick-fast). For them, at least half the fun of eating ice cream at home (interesting note: they never do this when we go out for ice cream) is stirring it super fast and watching as it turns from a solid into a liquid -- i.e., "making it lickitty!"

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