Monday, January 26, 2009

Overheard Today

Backstory: Since school started back up after the Christmas break, K & O have been sledding at school every day. We love this about their school -- they are outside a ton, every single day, rain snow sleet or hail. Their daily sledding at school this winter (despite the fact that we don't even have what I'd consider 'real' snow on the ground, just patchy crusty icy spots of "snow" that doesn't even fully cover the ground) has been a serious highlight of their lives of late. They talk about it non-stop and we hear lots and lots about the sledding every day. Even though K & O are in separate classrooms, the two kindergarten groups often play together outside. I haven't blogged about it yet this year, but K & O are still good friends with Wil (see this post from last year). This year Wil is in Owen's classroom, but I've noticed on a few occasions that both K & O keep a special eye out for Wil and they don't let anyone mess with him. Wil's mother has mentioned to me more than once how appreciative she is of this (she's noticed it too). On the playground, K & O are definitely each other's #1, but Wil is surely their #2. Driving home from school today in the car...

K: Owen, why was Wil and Joshy not sledding today?
O: Oh, you know.
K: No, I don't. Please tell the story.
O: Oh, you know!
K: No I don't!!! PLEASE tell the STORY OWEN!
O: Well, o.k., but it is a pretty short story.
K: O.k.
O: We were sledding even before you came out. And Wil and Joshy weren't listening to the teachers. They weren't listening. Not at all. So they had to not be sledding. And that is the story.
K: Oh.
O: See Kyle, it was a short story. {at this point I notice that Owen looks at me in the rear view mirror when he says this... and I begin to suspect there is more to the story but that he is self-conscious that I am listening and doesn't want to spill it while I'm around}
[silence for a moment]
K: But the rest. Tell me the rest. Tell me the whole story Owen. I didn't know what happened. About how Wil was sledding.
O: Oh. {I notice him look at me again in the rear view mirror but I quickly divert eye contact and act like I'm totally oblivious}
O: Oh.
O: O.k., o.k., o.k. Well, I snuck over to Wil when Miss Joyce wasn't looking and quickly told him to get on my sled before Miss Joyce sees him and I got him on it and I got on it and I pushed us down and Miss Joyce was running after us but she couldn't catch us.
K: Oh! Did she get mad?!
O: No, actually she was laughing!
K: What did she say?
O: She said 'Wil has a pretty good friend!'


Haitian-American Family of Three said...

Oh boy I love this story!

How lucky they are to have each other and a nice teacher like Miss Joyce.

Anonymous said...

Okay, great story. The part about you trying to be discreet while listening to the boys reminds me of a friend of mine. This is a bit sneaky, so disregard it if you want. My friend has a teenaged daughter. The daughter will sit in the "way back" of the van with her friends. My friend will turn the music up, but have it only playing in the back. The girls then have to speak up to hear each other. She pretends to be oblivious, but can hear every word they say.

Pretty ingenious, I think.

Ani said...

Wil certainly has a good friend!

ShannonC said...

Great story tellers. I re-read the Wil story from before. It continues to be one of my favorites.

Anonymous said...

that is AWESOME !!!

Bek said...

I love this. As the mamma of my own little "Wil" I pray every day that they will find friends like K and O... I am also thinking about sending my girl to Waldorf School (all on your great plugs for the school btw...).

I KNOW that Wil's mamma knows how lucky all these boys are... :-)