Friday, November 09, 2007

The most popular boys in school and their good friend

I drop K & O off at school most of the time. I love it - it's a great way to start the day - there is so much positive energy getting to school and walking in. And I am witnessing something wonderful about our boys.

K & O are already the most popular kids in their class, if not the school. Any by most popular, I don't mean most recognizable, or token friend (although there is some of that too of course), but I mean most popular. And for someone who was not not not not popular as a kid - I can see it a mile away. This morning is a good example. On pulling up to school:

Me: come on guys, hurry hurry let's go, we're already late [ed: late is not typical, but I have to always usher them in]; grab your back packs, let's go - vamanos!
K&O: big stretch, lazily get backpacks... Look - a sea urchin! [pine coney thing falling from tree as we walk in]
Me: ok fellas - let's go!
First person to see them: "It's Kyle and Owen: good morning gentlemen!"
Second person to see them: Hi Kyle and Owen! Good morning!
Third person to seen them: Hi guys! High Five!
K&O: Good morning! [Kyle holds the door for the people going in; not sure where he learned that, but a good start]
Me: come on guys - keep going!
K&O: [invariably] Papi - look! The fountain! [it is always there and either on or off]
Me: ok guys [voice getting quiet as we arrive at their classroom], let's listen for fussing [hold over from first days of school when O would fuss]

We go in and this is what happens:

KYLE, OWEN; KYLE & OWEN ARE HERE!!!! The shout comes from about 10 kids between 2-4 and they all (yes, all) run over to greet K&O. If the class were a boat, it would capsize at that moment. Some are grabbing and hugging them, some stand a couple feet away, some are wearing capes that stream out behind them.

Kyle and Owen react in course - they start hamming it up making all kinds of strange noises and faces. The kids all laugh and engage in it. Pretty soon both boys are jumping on my back as I try to put their slippers on. Then other kids are too and everyone is laughing and having a great time. I am trying to not get smooshed. Their teacher comes over and starts to redirect and the day is well under way. Lots of laughing. Kyle tells me he loves school.

Looking over, I see Kyle and Owen with a special friend of theirs. This friend has Downs syndrome and is 5 years old. I see them saying hi - the boy has a huge grin and K&O are laughing with him and holding hands. The three of them are a happy little crew and like to walk in the woods outside - Kyle and Owen on either side as they walk, hand-in-hand singing songs.

At some level I think they are aware something is different about him. I think there is more than just peas-in-a-pod friendship here - that they get it he needs a little something extra. And they give willingly, unassumingly, unreservedly with love. That is it right there - those are my boys; that's the amazing thing.

The most popular kids in class, great friends with a kid needing a little more. Not much more; he's not helpless, he's not a problem. But we all know how it can be for people who need more. We've all seen what happens when someone is an outsider - it happens with kids and adults.

And that's why this is a big deal.


Ani said...

I think this post brings to life the amazing and kind spirits your boys have.

Thanks for sharing.

me said...

Thank you for sharing these stories. I love to read about K&O. The compost story made me laugh and the story about their friend brought a tear to my eye. What wonderful, happy, healthy, beautiful boys you have.


Malia'sMama said...

It's a HUGE deal and you;ve made me cry! AGAIN!!
The boys have truly beautiful spirits!

Mayhem said...

It's so gratifying to see our kids show a true spirit of love and gentleness! And it's so much fun to watch them develop their own friendships. I feel like I get to know my kids in a different way when I see them in relationships with other kids.

Your boys are beautiful, inside and out!

Kristi said...

The ability to see need in another human being and then not just see it but respond to it is an incredible gift. To have that ability at the tender age of three is amazing.

I hope K&O are always able to see this way.

Scarlett_333 said...

What a great post. I just came across your blog on the Livesay's blog and your boys are just beautiful!!!