Friday, November 09, 2007

Puppet Show & Compost

Wednesday night Braydon did an impromptu little Puppet Show for K & O. They (all three of them) thought it was the funniest thing ever. K & O were laughing so hard they were falling out of their seats (literally). It was such a hoot to watch this whole scene. I was in the middle of getting dinner ready but stopped to quickly grab the camera.

Thursday was Johnson-McCormick Family Compost Day, which is, hands down, the boys' favorite school-drop-off day because they get to bring our big compost bucket with them. We started composting this summer and the boys are waaaaaaaaay into it. The boys' school has a compost collection site, so now we give add our own compost to the school's compost each week. Braydon drives the boys to school each morning, but once a week they bring the compost for drop-off too. They take the compost we've collected that week, lug it to the compost heap at the boys' school, and dump it out. I've done this only a couple times with K & O, but that's enough for me to have the full visual of what Braydon tells me is now a full-blown-weekly-ritual. They love to watch our family's compost get added to the pile, they are hugely dramatic with their yelps of "IT IS SOOOOO STINKY!!" and "IT IS SOOOOO SMELLY!", and they take great delight in the whole entire process. Then off to their classroom they run to see their friends.

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