Thursday, September 27, 2007

Notice of Arranged Marriages

Since I posted about Owen's crush on June (click here), I have received a handful of emails from eager parents ready to sign up their precious daughters to marry Kyle and Owen. I knew there was a contingent of people in the adoption community who have adopted from China who were reading this blog. Interestingly, it seems from my own anecdotal evidence (totally unscientific data here...) that most adoptive families of twins in the U.S. adopted from China. Of course adoptive parents of twins are interested in each other's lives. But I had no idea how many of you would want to line up your girls to marry my boys. Woweeee. I hope that over time my fear of K & O having troubles finding dates (due to racism) will be dead-on-wrong. Maybe?! You all are giving me some hope here! Anyway, for the sake of honesty and truthfulness in blogging I feel I need to make something perfectly clear---


Kyle and Owen are not available for marriage.

Not because I don't believe in the idea of arranged marriage either.



Months ago I already finalized the deal.

[[[Disclaimer: obviously this contractual arrangement only pertains if 1) one or both of my sons are not gay, and 2) one or both of my sons believe in the institution of marriage]]]


The boys have already been 'given away' to the beautiful and lovely and smoochingly gorgeous Summer & Aubrey (of the Twinchatter blog ~~ click here).

The girls a a year older than K & O (those girls can keep them in line! perfect!!! ), very outgoing/fun (a prerequisite for sure! perfect!!!), love to travel (definitely a must! perfect!!!), and, importantly, I love their mama (I think we'd be best friends if we could live near each other; unfortunately I live in Pennsylvania and she lives in Alaska). In my mind, Aubrey and Summer are clearly the perfect girls for K & O. Owen is going to Summer (the cutie pie on Twinchatter with short hair), Kyle is going to Aubrey (the cutie pie on Twinchatter with long hair). Trish (the boys' future mother-in-law) and I have already worked it all out. Our husbands, at least from what we can tell, concur. All four children have checked each other out via the blogs and all seem good with the arrangement. Just thought you all should know. See below photos of my beautiful future daughters-in-law, in Alaska, blowing kisses to their future husbands via the blogosphere... Awwwww.... adorable.

P.S. please don't get all up in arms about me poking fun at arranged marriages. I do know a bit about the custom, and Braydon and I have had friends/colleagues who are in arranged marriages. I know some of you will probably be all bent out of shape re: my cultural insensitivity. just try to keep in mind... this blog post is only half-joking. I fully intend on doing everything in my power to see my boys marry Summer & Aubrey some day.


Jess said...

So much cultural insensitivity (just teasing), you used the term Indian Summer too. I know the phrase "sitting Indian style" is out now, but I haven't heard what I'm supposed to call this autumn hot spell. said...

Now I'm hurt. I thougt K&A and K&O would be good together! Lol....

Heather said...

Jess- I know, I know! I seriously thought to myself (when I was typing 'indian summer'), "Oh lordy, I just know someone is going to get all upset that I'm using this phrase." And then when I was posting about the arranged marriages I was thinking of all the people I know who are potentially going to give me a hard time about it. This (fear of getting people all p-o'd at me) is reason enough to not blog. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, so I plod onward.

The Monfils family ~ said...

Hi Heather,

Do you think Owen will approve of the arranged amrriage seeing as he already as June in his heart? I just love his imaginary friend stories!

I've read that highly intelligent, creative and happy children will create a relationship with imaginary friends. I imagine it is just the same for Kyle as he also relates to June when Owen talks about her.

Your boys are darling!!!

A faithful reader,

Kristi said...

Well, if things don't work out with Aubrey and Summer, I have two pretty darn cute little girls that would be oh-so-lucky to end up with your two! :)


Cindy from central NC said...

As do I.....Kyle and Sammi --- Owen and Nicki....nice ring



Sarah said...

I just love the disclaimer that they will only get married if they are not gay and believe in the institution of marriage. I always say this about Katie's future and people laugh.