Sunday, October 29, 2006

Owen Rides It! Kyle Rides It!

Our boys are kind of exceptionally physically capable for their age. Their birthparents obviously gave them something incredible that we never could have: unbelievably awesome genes. They're not even 2.5 years old yet and they can do stuff like: dive & swim underwater for long distances, walk unassisted on a high balance beam and then perfectly land their jump off on both feet, throw a frisbee better than me, ride a scooter, dribble a full size basketball, golf like you wouldn't believe, drop-kick a kickball, and throw a baseball up onto our garage roof over and over again. They've got good genes for sportsy athletic physical (or like I'm fond of saying: "boys' boys") kind of stuff. Their sheer size probably helps too: they can easily ride on toys made for "3+" year olds and fit baseball gloves made for 4 year olds and comfortably use golf clubs made for 5 year olds. It is sort of a relief to me that Braydon and I don't have to "claim" any of this-- that we can say, "Wow, yeah, their birthparents must have come from an incredible gene pool!" It would feel really weird to me if they were my biological children and I somehow had to explain where all of this awesome-ness came from genetically. It is nice for me that it has nothing to do with me. So, anyway, they're really quite amazing in the physical realm. Given all this it has come to a surprise to Braydon and I that the boys haven't been able to figure out how to pedal a bike. We bought them little tricycles this past spring, and they've been trying for several months now, but they just have not mastered the whole concept of the pedals. They love the idea of the bikes, and they've been playing with them daily for a long time now-- but basically, what that has involved is the two of them "riding" their bikes around the driveway by pushing along with their feet on the ground. It is the whole pedal thing that has been getting in the way...
Up until this weekend!
Maybe it was that they both took such nice long naps, or maybe it was that the sugar from trick-or-treating with Joy Lin still hadn't worn off, or maybe it was just that it was an exceptionally beautiful sunset, but late Saturday afternoon they both got it! They were playing around on their tricycles like any other day, and suddenely Owen was peddling. And then suddenly Kyle was peddling. I thought that maybe it was a fluke, but no!
We were out for the morning today - we went for brunch at the home of our friends Brian and Emily and their adorable son Lucas - and we had a great time. No bikes were involved (just good bagels and bloody mary's!). Anyway, after we got home from our outing K & O pulled their tricycles out of the garage and sure enough- they did it again! They're now peddling like old pro's!
Owen rides it!

Kyle rides it!

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