Friday, October 20, 2006

Package from Sadie! And... Pumpkins?

Oh happy day! Oh happy day! After daycare today ANOTHER package was waiting in the mailbox!! This one: from cousin Sadie!!! When I took it out of the mailbox and showed it to the boys Kyle said, "Let's go open it!" It still feels strange every time one of them uses a full, grammatically correct, coherent sentence!?! We opened it right away.

Guess what was inside?! One "yummy thing" for each boy! Rice krispie treats with dried cranberries and pumpkin seeds mixed in! "I like it!", said Owen! They ate them right up! THANK YOU SADIE! :) What a great way to start off the weekend! Since the two of them got to have their "yummy things" Braydon and I thought it only fair to start off our weekend with our own "yummy things": a big glass of wine for each of us. This has been kinda a long week for us here, so we're glad it is done. TGIF.

P.S. A side note: O.k., so, here's the thing: regularly arts & crafts projects come home from daycare. Today these two pumpkins were waiting for pick-up with K & O. So, in all seriousness: does anyone out there realistically think that it is humanly possible that my sons actually hand-glued these little foam things onto these pumpkins? The daycare staff swear that the kids make these things. I can kind of believe that some of the kids might make these things -- the really good nice well-behaved kids who sit still for big stretches of time and patiently calmly do nice quiet little craft projects. But the thing is that the daycare staff swear that my kids make these things. They say it with a straight face. This has been going on at daycare since K & O were about 14 months old. I simply cannot imagine my boys doing this. Simply cannot imagine! And get this, tonight, during dinner, when I pointed to one of the pumpkins and asked K & O "Who made this?!" Owen said dumb-foundedly, "Hm?" and Kyle said, "Marcus did it." [Marcus is one of those really good nice well-behaved kids I mentioned above.]

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