Thursday, November 23, 2006


We are so thankful.

I am not going to write some gushy Thanksgiving Day entry here. Because I can't even do it justice. We're just so thankful. Our hearts are just so full.

I will say, however, just because it is an important day to mark down in the anals of history of the Johnson-McCormick household...
Today we had our first boy-broken-window. Kyle hit a golf ball that smashed right into our garage window. Let this date be remembered as our first boy-broken-window day. Surely there will be many more of these days to come. But let it be noted that the first was today, Thanksgiving Day 2006, and that our darling son was only 2.5 when he broke his first window with his powerful golf swing. Let it be duly noted.

We're so thankful for that powerful golf swing. We're so thankful for that precious little boy "Ky Ky" who is the sweetest little thing imaginable. We're so thankful for our "Big O" Owen who kept us all in hysterics laughing all day long... and who never stopped talking today except for when he was sleeping... and who, despite the massive entirety of the Thanksgiving Dinner spread of food ate exactly 2 Pillsbury crescent rolls for his entire meal (but asked for precisely "five" of them). And we're really thankful for our entire family and our friends and our good, good life. I know, I know, I said I wouldn't be gushy, so I'll stop there.

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