Saturday, December 16, 2006

Gamma & Uncle Guy Come to Visit!

Gamma (Braydon's Mother) and Uncle Guy (Braydon's Uncle) and Ita (Gamma's/Sabrina's "little doggie") came to visit! They arrived on Friday afternoon, and left on Saturday afternoon. It was an exciting, fun-filled, GIFT-filled 24-hours! Gamma came with loads of Christmas presents for the boys and she brought them their gifts from Auntie Sabrina too! Sabrina gave them a whole "marching band"-worth-of-musical instruments. Sabrina wasn't here, so K & O gave "thank you's" and kisses to her photos on the photo collage wall. THANK YOU SABRINA! K & O must have marched around the house a zillion times on Friday night banging and crashing and blowing and drumming and shaking those instruments! Uncle Guy said, "It was exhausting just watching them!" (He was asleep before K & O were Friday night!!!) The highlight of the visit was the very special presents Gamma gave to the boys on Saturday morning... "real guitars"!!!!! My oh my! Kyle, in particular, LOVES his guitar. It is going to take a lot of hard work and will-power on Owen's part to not destroy his guitar. But, he (Owen) is really really motivated to try to "not break it" because it is "delicate!" Kyle seems to have a real passion for strumming. It is really sincerely special to see Braydon and Kyle and Owen play their guitars together.

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