Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Guest Blogger: Alex


Our Second GUEST BLOGGER!!! -------- Alex!!!

In case you didn't read it back in October, here's a post about our fantastic, fabulous, *perfect*, babysitter/nanny Alex: Click Here Today was Alex's last babysitting Wednesday for the fall semester. But not to worry! She (and her dog Cyprus) are going to be picking the boys up early from daycare two days a week (instead of just one) for the spring semester! The boys are psyched! Here's Alex's post from tonight as our Guest Blogger...


Kyle and Owen are always a blessing and a half to baby-sit. Today was no surprise – we had a great time! :) I picked up the boys with my friend, Esther, whom the boys adore and remembered how she “hit the ball!” this past summer. We went to the grocery store, which is always loads of fun with the two most adorable kids in the world! They sat in the truck cart and would say “excuse me!” as we came down the aisle and when I would make driving mistakes and bump a cardboard box along the aisle they would never cease to remind me – “we’re crashing, alex!” One woman even stopped me to ask what company I worked for and I told her I didn’t work for a company I was simply a personal nanny to these beautiful boys. She didn’t like that answer, but she surely enjoyed saying hello to Kyle and Owen! Another woman asked if they were “ours” referring to Esther and I (I’m assuming she assumed we were a lesbian couple that had adopted) and I, of course, sadly told her “no,” I was only their nanny.
We then went back to my house and played with Cyprus, colored with crayons and made the shape of our hands on paper, and played hide and seek in my big closets. We had a yummy snack of cheese and crackers and bananas! Someone then had a stinky diaper, which lead to adventure number 598! (exaggeration…) We went to the store again to buy diapers and pick up our dinner from Tulum. The boys didn’t end up enjoying their quesadilla, so instead we went back to their house and had “yummy in my tummy” pasta, as Kyle described it! When I asked if they wanted some water Kyle goes, “um, actually, I want coffee” – ha! Well, that certainly was not an option, but I told him he could pretend his water was coffee. “Okay!” he agreed. Then he was sure to remind me not to touch his cup because it was his coffee and “it’s very hot, alex. It’s very hot. No touching.” It wasn’t long after the pasta feast began when Cyprus realized if he sat quietly under the table little treats would fall in his direction from the boys’ laps!

After we had our pasta, bananas, and vitamins, we headed upstairs where Kyle went peepee in the potty and Owen did a massive poopoo in the kid’s potty!!! Woohooo!!!!!!! We all cheered and Owen got a yummy caramel Hershey kiss treat. Then we brushed our teeth and took a fun bubble bath with as many toys as one could possibly fit in a bathtub with twin boys! Sadly, Alex had to end the fun because it was story time, so the boys got their pj’s on and read three books with Alex and Cyprus, then curled into their warm beds awaiting for mama and papi to give them kisses while they’re sleeping. :) Owen awoke about thirty minutes later crying, saying that the puppy had run away. :( So I assured him that the puppy was still here and pointed to Cyprus and that everything was okay. I patted him to sleep, and here we are! Night Night Cutie-Pa-Tooties!!!!

Alex playing with the boys in our yard this fall

A photo that Alex took with her cell phone this past summer

At the playground

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