Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year! We kicked off 2007 with a great start-- we spent New Year's Eve with one of our all-time-favorite families: The Uhrigs! Ben and Kyle and Owen are only six months apart, and very good friends, and we like to think that someday in the far-off-distant-future, when the three of them are clubbin' it together in Manhattan rockin' out for New Year's Eve, that we'll be able to tell them that the New Year's Eve that they were all 2 years old was just as fun! ;0 We think maybe they'll buy that and decide to spend every New Year's Eve of their entire lives with us. Yeah, right!!!!! ;) We had a great dinner at the Uhrig's house, then we all headed out to First Night Morristown. A major highlight was a brass concert with "many, many trumpets! and trombones!!" The three boys loved it (and everyone in the packed audience loved watching them watch/listen/dance/clap!) Other highlights for K & O included balloons made for them by a big clown on stilts, and the 9:15pm "halftime" fireworks display over the city green ("halftime" for some, but for us it was the end-time). And we discovered... as Kyle will tell you -- he "likes fireworks!" As Owen will tell you -- he thought the "fireworks so so SCARY!" (Owen hated it and was deeply afraid - we had to quickly escape to the car and head home). We got home to tuck the boys in bed at 11:00pm, and then we drank cosmopolitans and watched the ball drop. Happy New Year everybody!

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