Saturday, February 03, 2007


As you know, this week was really really rough for us. By Thursday we had all pretty much had it (including poor Owen who just wanted his brother, mother and father back) and Kyle was still out of day care. I had morning duty and Heather had afternoon (she had to teach in the morning). K and I went to do some errands.

We went to the UPS Store to drop off some mail and then we went to the book store to find a magazine. They didn't have the copy of Twins that we wanted (the one with Heather's letter in it and the photo of K&O) so we moved on. Of course our next stop was the learning express. It's impossible for me to go into one of those places and not get something for the boys, I fail pretty much every time; or succeed, depending on how you look at it. We browsed around and I settled on something I knew Owen would really like. I didn't think Kyle would be too into it, but O needed something special.

So I got two of the little airplanes of course - you can't just get one in our house. This morning, Owen woke up first and got a little good solid one on one with Mommy and Papi. And that meant I got to play with the airplane with him. Heather was surprised, but I knew he would figure it out. Now we just have to watch out for broken objects as this little thing whizzes around!

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