Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Atlanta Trip - Part I

We went to Atlanta for a 3 day whirlwind trip to visit Grandpa Robert and Carol. We had so much fun!!! Robert & Carol have a new house now -- right on Lake Lanier -- and it was a fabulous place for our little mini family vacation! And Carol went all out with the special food and drink purchases for all of us. We had so many treats while were were there! We travel quite a bit with the K & O (well, at least quite a bit for a family of four with twin two year old boys!), and they really really love the whole entire process -- especially going "on a big airplane" (Owen) "up in the sky!" (Kyle). That is definately always a trip hightlight for K & O. Other highlights of this trip were throwing rocks in the lake; going on the "motorboat" (Robert & Carol's pontoon boat) in the pouring rain Sunday morning, and then again in the beautiful sunshine Sunday afternoon; a ride in Grandpa Robert's golfcart!; the hot-tub!; the new bikes Robert & Carol gave the boys; and K & O's favorite new discovery -- Strawberry Spritzer! Best of all we all got some good family bonding in. And Robert and Carol, Kyle and Owen really got to know each other well. It really was a great, great trip!

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