Wednesday, March 28, 2007

"Dora La Musico"

Some days I feel like I suck at being a mother. Some days I feel like I'm 'so-so' at it. And then every once in a great while I have one of those euphoric days when after putting the boys to bed I walk/glide down the stairs thinking, "Man! I *ROCK* at being a mom!" (O.k., granted, those days are very few and far between... I could probably count on one hand the number of times in the past 2.5 years that I've had one of those days... but a girl's gotta celebrate the small stuff, right?!). So, people, last night ---- Last night was one of those nights.

I felt like a million bucks. 'Why?', you ask... Well, let me tell you why. But first, remember, like I said: a girl's gotta celebrate the small stuff. And yes, this is really small. And sorta pathetic. But still. I rock. Sometimes.

Anyway, here is why yesterday I rocked at being a mom: Folks, its Dora Egg Hunt. Yes, Dora Egg Hunt people!!!

Rarely have I made a purchase so perfect as this. I bought it a few days ago because of the "Egg Hunt" theme -- I wanted to get the boys all excited about Easter. But what really convinced me to buy it was that I read on the back that there was a "bonus episode"... a bonus episode called "Dora, La Musica"... and this is how it was described: "The towns-people are having a musical parade but when Senor Shush locks their musical instruments in a music box, Dora and Boots take their own parade to town. Help them find their instruments for their friends, stop Swiper and make great music!" Wow. Dora and Boots have a musical parade? The towns-people have instruments? Great music? "Hmmm..." I thought, "this will be PERFECT!!!" And perfect it was. Yes, perfect it was. We watched it last night for the first time. Both boys loved it. But Kyle especially -- given his love of all things music -- LOVED it. Like, loved it more than he's ever loved anything before. Ever. Within a few minutes he caught on to the whole music theme and announced to us: "It is a marching band!" O.k., people --- Dora *AND* a marching band?????!!!! It does not get any better than that for our sweet little Ky Ky. For precisely 24 minutes last night (the length of "Dora, La Musica") I was The Coolest Mama Ever. And those 24 minutes easily made up for the entire previous 24 hours when I was, at least in my own mind, just doing 'so-so' at this whole Mom Thing. People, yesterday, I rocked at being a mother.

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Stacey said...

A) You could NEVER suck as a momma - you have too much love to give!

B) Love the video will have to find that one for Ben

C) could the boys look any happier...

From one mom who questions herself to another - we do the best we can - but in the end - we have more love in our hearts for our boys than we know what to do with and that my dear is more than most receive ;-)