Saturday, March 24, 2007

New Shoes and Afternoon Nap

Today I finally broke down and bought the boys "Crocs" (click here for crocs). They love 'em. We all four think they're pretty darn cute... especially with the little button-y thingys that the boys have in 'em... "Jibbitz" (click here for jibbitz). Owen has a football, baseball, basketball, peace sign, and a bumble bee; Kyle has a smiley face, soccer ball, ying-yang sign, and three penguins. Owen, in particular, loves his. In fact you can't tell from the picture below, but he's wearing his crocs in his sleep for his afternoon nap. The nap is adorable today -- I rocked each of them to sleep and laid them down together in Owen's bed. They're snuggled up real close together and when I listened closely I heard that old familiar sound of their breathing in synch. They used to breathe like that in their sleep as babies when their cribs were so close together. That in-synch-breathing always makes me wonder about my boys as twins and think about how they've been together forever, even in their birthmother's womb. Sometimes this pair is so sweet and darling that I almost can't even stand it --- I sometimes feel like my heart might explode. Today's one of those days.

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