Monday, March 26, 2007

Quotes of the Day

Tonight, as the four of us were eating dinner together, amongst other things the following conversation happened. We were talking about the day. Owen was in a happy, chipper mood. All of this was said with a huge smile on his face and bizzillions of sparkles in his eyes:
Owen: "Mommy?"
Heather: "Yeah Owen?"
Owen: "Mommy, thank you for bringing us home safely."
Heather: (slightly taken aback) "You're welcome Owen."
Owen: "Mommy, I love you."
Heather: "I love you too Owen, I love you so much."
Owen: "Mommy, I missed you so much."
Heather: "Owen, I missed you so much today too. When I was at work I was missing you."
Owen: "Papi, I missed you today."
Braydon: "I missed you too Owen."
Owen: "I love you Papi."
Braydon: "I love you too Owen."
Owen: "Papi, kiss me!"

After dinner we were getting the boys ready for bed. We switch back-and-forth each night so that Braydon and I rotate between Kyle and Owen every other night. The boys are in a heavy-duty mommy-mommy phase right now and they fight every night over who gets to be with me (even though the system is firmly established so there is actually nothing to even fight about). It drives both Braydon and I nuts the way they fight over me. We can barely stand it. Anyway, tonight was Kyle's night with me. Owen was throwing a fit. Kyle wrapped his whole body around me and the following conversation occurred. Kyle was clearly happy to have it be his night with me, but he was also feeling sorry for Owen:
Kyle: "Mommy, we need two mommies. Like this-- [holding up two fingers with one hand and pointing to them with the other hand] one, two."
Heather: "Oh, you want two mommies?"
Kyle: "Yes, two mommies. One for Owen. And one for Kyle. Please mommy?"
Heather: "Kyle, some families do have two mommies, but you got a family with one mommy and one papi."
Kyle: "But why? Why only one mommy? We need two mommies. One for Owen and one for Kyle."
Heather: "Nope. We only have one mommy. Not two. We have one mommy and one papi."
Kyle: "Yes. We only have one mommy."
Heather: "That's right."
Kyle: "Just one."
Heather: "That's right-- just one."
Kyle: "Oh man!!!!!"
Heather: "Oh man!"
Kyle: "Oh my gosh!!!"


laurafingerson said...

We are totally going through that right now. Anna-Sofia gets mad when it's Daddy's turn to get her in the mornings, even though, like you, the schedule is firmly established and has been since the babies were born. It is heartbreaking for John, since Anna-Sofia used to be his little baby. But with twins, taking turns with parents is part of the deal. I thought it was because I am staying home now, but maybe there is something else to it? Sunniva is so easy-going, luckily. Anna-Sofia is fine and happy with her Daddy after a minute or two. But it is so sad right away, especially for John.

Bek said...

It is so interesting to see the stages my kids go through with the twin twist.... I love the mommy phase, but it is kind of nice when they are in the daddy phase too b/c it means I get a little bit more space...

Your boys are very elequent. Two mommies. Why didn't YOU think of that?