Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter at Bement Camp

Braydon, Heather, Kyle, MorMor, Owen,
Auntie Stina, Cousin Sadie, Uncle Tim, MorFar
Saturday Afternoon
We spent Friday - Sunday at Bement Camp (click here) in Charlton, Massachusetts. My parents had made all the arrangements and they couldn't have found a better set-up for us all! "Jones Pond" is at the center of the camp, and our lodge with big windows and porches was sitting right at the edge. We all loved it! Especially Kyle and Owen, who -- of course -- spent a large chunk of Easter Weekend throwing rocks and sticks into the water. It was a long drive (5 hours each way), but the boys are getting much easier to road-trip with, and the weekend was well worth the drive! We got to spend time with our Johnson-side-of-the-family, there was lots to explore at the camp, and the Easter Bunny had no problem finding us in Massachusetts. Highlights for Kyle and Owen were (note: when asked what their favorite parts of the weekend were, these are the things they say): "two waterfalls!" (two small water outlets where the pond water runs into a stream), "the woods!" (lots of woods to walk in and paths to explore), "troll bridges!" (wooden bridges in and around the woods/pond), "bunk beds!--don't bunk your head!" (some of us got to sleep in bunk beds in the camp lodge), "presents!" (from MorMor of course), "MorFar up high!" (Kyle loved having my dad swing him "way up high in the sky"), "Auntie Stina!" (Owen truly adores my sister), "firewood! and biiiiig fire! and hot in there! and we caaaan't get owie burn!" (the boys got to help MorFar bring in the firewood and they loved having a fire burning in the center fireplace), "egg hunt!" (no explanation necessary...), and finally... "Church!" (it should be noted that only Kyle says church was his favorite, for Owen church was not a highlight!). Highlights for Braydon and I were: on Saturday night we got to drink some really good wine that my dad brought, we got more sleep each of our two nights at Bement Camp than we've had in many weeks (seriously-- we each slept around eight hours each night!!!!!!!), we got to catch up with extended family who we don't see often (except for me and one other cousin, everyone in my entire extended family lives in New England), I didn't have to cook at all for the entire weekend, Braydon got to smoke two Cuban cigars with Tim and my dad, we got to see our boys fully engaged with their larger family -- and lovin' every minute of it, and we got to see our boys enjoy Easter as only 2-year-olds-about-to-be-three-year-olds can. More photos to be posted soon... because of course we took hundreds of 'em. ;0

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Anonymous said...

Hi H & B
The Easter egg hunt must never end!
Believe it or not the Albee/Alander family (with no children this year) had a great one. Uncle Mark and Auntie Ingrid got the Easter Bunny to hide the eggs, and Gramma, David, Cheryl, Nathan and Vanessa all searched! We decorated blown out eggs for the forsythia tree, and colored ones that were hidden. Keep the traditon going! Glad you were all together for the "best" promise life.
Dinner with mor-mor tomorrow night. I'll get a good update!