Sunday, April 01, 2007

Kyle This Weekend

Kyle had an awesome weekend. For whatever reason (it really is a mystery to us), he was in an *incredibly* good mood all weekend long. Not that Kyle isn't in a good mood all the time -- he is! -- Kyle is "Mr. Happy Go Lucky" 24 x 7. But for the past two days he's been even more happy-happy-happy than usual. All weekend he was hopping and skipping around, beaming with smiles, humming and singing to himself, and cheerily greeting every single person we encountered everywhere we went: "Hi! What's your name?!" Lately Owen has been more extroverted and gregarious, and Kyle has often been taking a back seat to his brother's constant one-man-comedy-show. Not that Kyle isn't extroverted and gregarious and funny himself -- he is! -- Kyle has always been Super Flirt Numero Uno all day every day. But lately he's been just a bit subdued and letting Owen dominate the spotlight.
I am saying "lately" here because Braydon and I have always noticed that these things seem to go back-and-forth and the boys' dynamic seems to shift seamlessly over time. It is a twin thing and these ebbs and flows in their personality dynamics are really absolutely fascinating and amazing to witness. It is almost as if they take turns trying on different aspects of their personalities, stepping up and holding back, being the "____ [fill in the blank] one" and being the "____ [fill in the blank] one." That's why whenever anybody says, "Oh! So, he's the ____ [fill in the blank] one?!" We say, "Only for this particular moment!" Anyway... Kyle was extremely happy and outgoing and charismatic this weekend.
And... he was quite the little Mischief Maker too. For example... This past week Braydon's mother had come to visit and before she left on Friday she had left a birthday present on the counter for the boys. There were two packages, both wrapped with paper and ribbons. On Saturday morning Kyle had been eyeing it and asked Braydon many times if he could open them. Braydon said that he could not, that he had to wait until their birthday. This little question and answer session was repeated multiple times on Saturday morning. Later in the morning Braydon was in the shower and I was "in charge" of the boys. I had to run upstairs to get something out of Owen's room and told them I'd be "right back!" I was only out of the room for 3 minutes max, but by the time I returned Kyle had got both presents down from the kitchen counter, had unwrapped both of them, and was inspecting the goods. I grabbed the camera---Here is what I found:

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