Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tie Dye AND/OR Easter Egg Decorating ???

Was it a Tie Dye project? Or was it an Easter Egg Decorating project? Or was it both???
The truth is that we did not intend to do tie dye. But what started as easter egg decorating resulted in two sets of finished craft products:

Tonight we participated in that beloved annual ritual: Easter Egg Decorating. And this year, beloved by Kyle and Owen it surely was. Braydon and I were remembering last year -- how the whole thing had been waaay lost on K & O, how the whole thing had been soooo not worth it. This year though, it was a whole other story! The boys got into it. Like, way way way into it. They really, really liked dying the eggs -- dropping them in the little cups and watching them turn from white to bright colors. They loved it! And they were -- in typical K & O form -- fully engaged in it. Fully. And Braydon and I were FULLY in Damage Control Mode the entire time. It started out nice and tidy, but by the end the egg dye was everywhere... all over the table, all over the boys, and yes-- thankfully-- all over the eggs too. Let's put it this way: the clean up took a lot longer than the project. But we all had a lot of fun... We've got 10 brightly colored hard-boiled eggs with stickers all over them (we lost 2 along the way due to unruly squishing of eggs by Kyle) PLUS two tie-dye-esque t-shirts to prove it! It's all good!
Here's KYLE --

Here's OWEN--

Note we don't have any photos of the scene once things really got rolling with the dye spilling and the eggs squishing... obviously the camera had to be shelved for that so that I could have both hands free to trouble-shoot the situation.


Bek said...

Yikes, we haven't done it yet.... and I think we are going to do it OUTSIDE this year....

Great shirts!

Shelli said...

i can only imagine the chaos! finished product is all that, right?

hope you guys had a wonderful easter, and i LOVE the drum concert video.

hope to see you soon!