Friday, May 18, 2007

Boys On Bikes

If they are doing this at age THREE, what on earth will they be doing when they are THIRTEEN???

Today while they were playing in the driveway after daycare, Owen and Kyle decided that they wanted a "bump bump" to ride their bikes over. Braydon found a piece of a 2x4 and laid it down in the driveway for them. K & O quickly learned that if they pedalled hard enough they could actually catch some air coming off of it. They both loved that. And they literally rode over that bump about 30 times each.

But Kyle is our little dare-devil. He is FEARLESS. And soon enough he was not satisfied with just one "bump bump." Suddenly he announced, "I know!!! How about two bump bumps?!!" He looked to Braydon and pleaded, "Two bump bumps please Papi???!!!" Braydon took off into the shed and came out with another piece of 2x4. This time the "bump bumps" were laid out at the base of the driveway (our driveway goes down on a decline), and K & O quickly figured out that the higher up the driveway they started the faster they could get -- and thus, the more air they could catch coming off the double bumps.

It started to get really wild (Owen stayed somewhat in control the entire time, taking his feet off the pedals as he neared the bump so as to not go over it with excessive speed... but again, let me repeat: Kyle is FEARLESS. Kyle would just pedal harder and harder the closer he got to the bump with a crazed look all over his face that just screamed "THRILL SEEKER!!!"). Right around the time I watched Kyle's entire bike come off the ground a good solid ten inches, I turned to Braydon and said, "Do you really think we should be encouraging this when they are only just barely THREE????" Braydon's response: "Heck yeah!!!!!!!" Luckily for me, the boys soon decided to take the bikes off-road. Owen announced: "Mama, we are going to ride these bicycles into the woods." And Kyle said: "Yes, we will ride into the woods!" And that was that.


Kristina said...

Boys will be boys! LOL

I love that you shared this about your boys. I love it!

Mayhem said...

The hair flying up around their heads is great! What fun!

MorMor said...

Haitian Bobsledders here we come!