Monday, May 07, 2007

Kyle & Owen's Birthday Party...


I truly cannot imagine any twin three year old boys have ever had a better time than K & O did at their Birthday Party on Saturday.

It was perfect weather. Every single person on K & O's V.I.P. Guest List came. The boys had an absolute blast with their friends. They all got to jump like crazy in a huge giraffe-shaped moonbounce, watch an awesome performance by the Lehigh University Step Dance Team, learn stepping! (click here), take turns trying to smash a pinata, and make cake-and-ice-cream-candy-sundaes. And that is just the tip of the iceburg. It was really, really fabulous.

When I ask the boys, "What was your favorite part of your birthday party?" Kyle says, "Stomping Dance!" and Owen says, "Fun!"

But, get this --- I took ZERO photos the entire day of Kyle and Owen's Third Birthday Party. I did not pick up the camera once on Saturday. Me---> the snap happy mama did not click once! Didn't even take one picture!!! So, I have ZERO photos to post to our blog right now. Zero. And... Since Saturday I've already received over a dozen emails from blog addicts begging for b-day party pics. I'm so sorry to disappoint. But, do not be afraid, dear readers, no need to fear!!!-------- There are photos coming. I hired an old graduate student of mine (a wonderful Lehigh alum who is an exceptional amateur photographer) to capture the day in photos. That was my little boys' b-day present to myself: being able to fully just be in the moment and not worry about trying to capture it on camera. So, photos are coming, they are coming indeed... but it will be a couple weeks before they get to me (let alone appear on the blog). In the meantime, you can look at the Uhrig blog. They were at the party on Saturday with their camera, and Stacey has saved the day today and posted some photos on their blog (click here)!

MorMor and MorFar are here and we've been having the best time. K & O are in their glory.

Tomorrow is May 8. Kyle and Owen's actual birthday. In the boys' minds, however, they have already turned three. Clearly, the party marked that moment in time for them. On Friday if you asked them how old they were they'd hold up two fingers and say, "two!" Now if you ask them how old they are, they'll hold up three fingers and say, "three!" I cannot believe my babies are three.

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Kathy said...

Happy birthday twins! (A day early!) We will celebrate our twins' birthday for the first time this year--2 weeks late and at the orphanage but we are still looking forward to it.

Great pictures. And a good idea to just enjoy the day and let someone else worry about the pictures.

Our few pictures are at and the rest of the kids at