Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Kyle Talks About Adoption

We talk a lot about adoption in our family. Kyle and Owen know their story (or at least a very simplistic version of it). But it is not clear how much they understand their story (even the very simplistic version of it). Tonight, as I was getting Kyle into his pajamas he pointed to a picture on his wall (a framed map of the Caribbean Islands). He said, "Mama, what is that? You say it." I said, "You know!" He said, "No, you say it." I said, "That's the Caribbean Islands and Haiti." He then pointed to the other picture on his wall (a frame surronding two photos of the boys when they were infants and an image of the Haitian flag), and said, "Mama, what's that one? You say it." I said, "That's you and Owen when you were little tiny babies. In the orphanage in Haiti." Kyle said, "Yes. Let's see it." I lifted him up and he looked quietly and closely at both pictures on the wall. I pointed to Haiti and said, "See, that's Haiti island. That's where you were born." He said, "Born." It was silent for a minute, then he said, "O.k. Mama." I then laid him back down on the floor and we continued to get his pajamas on. And this is the conversation that occurred:

Kyle: Mama, me and Owen, me and Owen, where was my mama and my papi?
Heather: We were here, waiting for you. We were waiting and waiting to get our babies.
K: But we needed a mama and a papi.
H: Yes, you needed a mama and a papi. You did. You did! And we went on a big airplane to Haiti to get you! And we adopted you!
K: Yes, adopted.
H: Yes. And now you have a mama and a papi.
{...then, we cuddled and snuggled for a minute... Kyle giggling...}
K: Adopted.
H: Yes, you and Owen were adopted. Who else was adopted?
K: {smiling ear to ear...} Ben!
H: Yes! And who else?
K: Um, you say it!
H: Ambika and Nate were adopted!
K: Yes! Ambika and Nate adopted! And who else?
H: And Joy Lin was adopted!
K: Yes! Joy Lin adopted!
H: Yes! And who else?
K: And you! You adopted!
H: Yes, I guess in a way, you and Owen adopted me! Our whole family was adopted! We adopted each other.
K: Yay adoption! YAY! Let me pick out a book.

{He then picked out I Love You Like Crazy Cakes (click here)... an adoption book that he has never, ever, ever before picked out as a bedtime book...}

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