Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Malnutrition in Haiti

Please take twenty minutes of your time to watch this short documentary on YouTube:

Malnutrition in Haiti, Part 1 -- click here
Part 2 -- click here
Part 3 -- click here


Corey Waters said...


My video doesn't make me cry... presumably because I watched it so many times while making it.

But this one... I was sobbing AND deeply inspired. Thank you for sharing it.

Love you! Corey

Life in Fitzville said...

Amazing... how close they are, and how devestating it is there. The pictures of my son when he arrived a year and a half ago, compared to the pictures of him now, it's just mind boggling. And the stories he tells us. He was 8, almost 9 when he came... he remembers, he knows what it is like to go days without food. To have an older brother beat you up and take your share, and to not even be angry at him because you know he is just trying to survive like you... People need to know this is happening so close to us. Thank you for sharing this.