Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photos For Alex

If you read this blog you know about our incredible babysitter/nanny Alex. Almost exactly one year ago Alex started caring for our boys. Her official "start date" was May 22, 2006. She has been a steady loving centerpiece of their lives for the entire past year. As a working mother I can honestly say that Alex has been my solace -- my saving grace -- for the entire past year. Last summer she babysat 20 hours a week so that the boys could cut back to part-time daycare for June-July-August. This past fall semester she babysat every Wednesday afternoon and stayed late on Wednesday nights so that the boys could get a mid-week break from daycare and Braydon and I could have one late night (either working or out on a date). And this spring semester she has picked up the boys from daycare early every Tuesday and Thursday, and babysat every-other-Saturday night for Braydon and I to go out. Today was her last day of the spring semester daycare-pick-up-babysitting schedule. I am beyond thrilled knowing that she will soon begin babysitting for us full time for the months of June-July-August so that the boys can be out of daycare for the entire summer. Alex is the perfect nanny for my boys. Today I am so grateful in my heart for this incredible young woman who has become such a central part of our family's life. On Monday Alex graduates from Lehigh (with, by the way, academic honors and about 100 awards from the university for leadership and community service). She will begin graduate school at Lehigh in the fall. We are so incredibly fortunate to have her. Thank you Alex for being a major part of raising Kyle and Owen. These photos are for you... taken just after you left the house today, the boys wearing the bead "bracelets" (which soon became necklaces!!!) that you helped them make. Owen loves you. Kyle loves you. Braydon loves you. And I, especially, love you.

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