Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Cars the boys know

Well - the boys are very much car lovers - just like their Papi! Here is a (not quite) exhaustive list of all the cars they boys know. And when I mean know - I mean they accurately identify these cars almost 100% of the time - when driving down the road.

These are not in the order of how important these cars are to them. I'll just say that right now there are two cars near and dear to their hearts - first and foremost (and we don't know why) is Chrysler's PT Cruiser; which they love to shout at the top of their lungs as we drive down the road.

They are also particularly partial to (and we do understand this) the Mini Cooper/s; which again, they never hesitate to shout at the top of their lungs.

VW Passat wagon aka "The blue car"

VW Bug "VW BUG!!!!"

Mercedes e320 "Kathy's car"

MINI Cooper aka "Just like Mor Mor's!!!"
Toyota Rav-4 aka "Charlie's Car

Volvo S40 "The white car"

Volvo V70 aka "Mor Far's car"
Acura MDX aka "Our old black car"
Chrysler PT Cruiser aka "a PPPTTTT CRUISERRR!!

Honda Odyssey aka "Sandy's Car"

Honda Pilot aka "Alex's or Jackson's car"

Hummer H2 "HUMMER is broken!"
BMW X5 aka "Matthew's car"
Subaru Outback aka "Wah's car"

Suzuki Grand Vitara aka "The rental car"


Heather said...

I just have to laugh at Braydon's post because it is so funny to see the whole list like this!!! I am sooooooooooooooooo not a car person and it is sooooooooooo bizarre to me how K & O are always identifying all these cars while we're out and about! My mother loves cars, my husband loves cars, my bambinos love cars -- but it is soooooooo foreign to me! LOL!!!!!!
HBJ said...

This is so hysterical. Katie describes my car as "mommies big black car"! You'd think it was a limo. ha ha....