Friday, August 24, 2007

3 Year Olds Check Ups

This morning the "whole family" (as K & O say) went to the Doctor's Office for Kyle and Owen's 3-Year-Old Physicals. It is always an event going anywhere with K & O. They take every place they enter by storm. The Doctor's Office is no exception. The folks in the waiting room stare at them and try not to giggle, the nurses all swoon over them and offer them lollipops, the doctors indulge in their own proud roles in K & O's medical success story, and we -- their parents -- hold our breath just hoping that neither of them break the stethoscope. K & O delight in going to "The Doctor's" each and every time. Bizarrely, they even claim to "like shots!" ???! Today Owen even asked for a shot: "Can I please have shot please? I like shots!!!" ??!! Lucky for him, he got to have one. Kyle too. They were both fascinated with it (I'm not kidding) and never even flinched when the long needle filled with the Hep A vaccine was shot deep into their upper arms (heeding our very conservative doctor's advice we opted to get the Hep A since we travel with the boys off the beaten path in the Caribbean and let them eat, as the doctor said it, "local flavors" while we're there). Anyway... like with any "whole family" outing, I could go on and on about this one. The biggest piece of info to come out of it was no surprise: both boys are waaaaaaay off the charts for height and weight. Our doctor was so excited to "chart them" that she was actually giddy when it came time to mark their percentiles. She announced proudly that she's "never seen anything like it" (quote, unquote). She also mentioned (being a mother herself) that she "can't wait to hear what our grocery bill is when these boys are sixteen"... As usual, Braydon laughed proudly when she said that, and I cringed in fear. Here are their 3 year old stats--
Owen: height = 41.5 inches, weight = 39 pounds
Kyle: height = 41 inches, weight = 38 pounds
Our pediatrician explained that the boys are "over what the charts show" so she told me that if anyone asks I should just say that they are "above the top 5 percentile." I thought to myself, "O.k., but nobody usually asks that." I get it though, she's just thrilled about K & O. She takes pride in it. She expressed repeatedly to us how proud she is of their medical story. K & O's pediatrician has been with us -- every step of the way, medically, with our boys. She was "on the case" (as she says) even before we brought them home. Today she even snuck us into a room where on a large cork board she has proudly displayed multiple photos of Kyle and Owen which show their remarkable recovery, growth, and all-around-health/medical journey over time. She has always asked me for "update photos" but I never realized why until now. Now I know that she displays them proudly in the office for all to see. She deserves to be proud.


Malia'sMama said...

They're definitely little KreyĆ²l boys, inside! I have never had a Haitian patient cry when I've administered a shot. At first, I thought it was my "delicate touch"! lol I love that K and O are so healthy and full of wonder! Good job, mama and papi!

Leslie said...

That is fun that they are "over the charts!" And that they wanted to get shots!!! Yea K & O!! said...

OMG, our doctor encouraged us to have Katie and Abbey vaccanated for Hep A. My thought was better safe than sorry. My Abbey is only *gasp* 5/6 pounds lighter than your boys. I do hope she does slim down a little. Lol. She is solid.

happy mom said...

I was about to write and say, do they like the charts because of the reward? (sucker, etc.) but then I read malia's mama comment. so that is just cool that they have that spirit that is staying with them. they are so cute.