Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Candle Cake

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I didn't count 35 candles?! Lol. Are those sparklers???

Cindy from central NC said...

Hi Heather. Thanks for the nice email you left on my blog. I actually (really, really) needed to hear that. Your words were perfect. Gosh, I'm so "in-a-black-hole-at-work" these last few weeks but I think it may lift least a bit this weekend, anyways.
Just wanted to say "thanks" for the support...And, maybe (if you'd like...) we could chat on the phone this weekend if you're around...
Oh...and have peeked in a little on your OpenBook responses. Tell DO YOU find the time to do this...It's truly awesome and inspirational.

Heather said...

Hi Cindy! Believe me, I look at *you* the same way you look at *me* and everybody looks at us and thinks "how do they do it?" The thing is that I barely am doing it. Tons of stuff falls through the cracks... it is just that most people only see what DOESN'T fall through (not what does!). Also, what you don't see is how CRAZED I am! I try to protect Kyle and Owen from that, but Braydon sees it-- the frantic, frenzied, stressed, exhausted, on-the-verge-of tears (or a nervous breakdown!), running (literally) on coffee, etc., etc., etc. And this week we've eaten nothing but prepared foods for dinner (but hey-- big news! -- I think I may have found someone to do 5 hours a week of food prep for me!!!). As a professor I have a relatively very flexible schedule -- that's great in many ways, but it also means I barely sleep.
I won't be around this weekend (we're going camping for two nights ---- YAY!! ---- oh... *that* is another way I/we do it: lots of mini vacations).
But let's plan a time for a phone call. I'd love it.
love love love love love
Heather said...

I'm jealous you guys are talking with out me!!! We need to do a three way. Phone call that is. I still say we need to plan to meet someplace. Maybe here... Northern Va..

Paige Mann said...

I would write the word "awesome" 35x but that would be a bit redundant. Happy Bday! I truly believe those boys get cuter every time I see a picture of them!